Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bye Bye 2007! Welcome 2008!

So, how was the year 2007 to me personally, professionally, miscellaneously ? No major stuffs happened, though its always nice to recap a few of them, isn't it ?
  • Well, few more of my college friends poured in to Hyderabad, which just added up to the fun and enjoyment we were having. We went on a trip to Manali, and I had a great time having fun with the group. Had some small fights and reunions ;)
  • I got my N73! :P Suddenly got some interest in photography, and tried taking some funny shots now and then.
  • I got my new bike, and even did some somersaulting ;)
  • Woow, It was a big year for the Harry Potter maniacs (7th book, 5th movie). With the tension and expectations for the 7th Book. I just finished the day after the book got released, and felt happy one side about the book end and everything. Though felt sad that it has come to an end. Long live Harry Potter!
  • In the office environment, we shifted our office to a new bigger building, though I miss the old one, very much. And I had some nice, fun moments with my team-mates, team-outing, parties, etc Not to forget the try-outs for caterers, and the free snacks scheme which lasted for few months ;)
  • Just got a bit bored with Orkut (though they kept on releasing new stuffs), and got introduced to Facebook, and may be I can say that I got addicted to few of the apps there. I love them all.
I couldn't remember much though, except that I started looking at things a bit more seriously than the way I've been looking. I even started feeling like being more independent is always better. Lets see, how things are going to change my life in 2008.

Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2008!
Have fun.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


The memories are fresh as the morning dew.
Retrospecting life has always felt nice,
As those pleasant experiences get persisted
And the trauma, bad moments get flushed away.

So do the people in those memories.
Some of them just get faded away,
A few others stay back in our mind and thoughts
No matter how far they go beyond our reach.

For distance can't separate friendship!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Fun with etymology!

Can you guess the etymology for trivia or trivial ? I was just laughing and everything for around 5 minutes, when I read something like..
trivia = tri (three) + via (road), and when three roads meet, there'll be a junction and traffic signal, and that the people standing there in that traffic wouldn't utter any secret stuffs, but only trivial stuffs..
I guess, whenever I got struck up in a traffic, trivia is going to flash in front of me :) And Its always fun to know more about the etymology of words, and for what they've been used in those original days, and how they've got transformed to what they mean today.. Isn't it ?

And, Norman Lewis just rocks! :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Really really cute!

I kept on hitting the "Replay" button, for quite sometime by now!

Monday, December 03, 2007


  X : And you are a ... :?
Me : Software Professional.. :-)
  X : And for how many months you've been working ?
Me : (Oh I look so young ?) No, actually for more than 2 and a half years!
  X : 2-and-a-half-years ??
Me : Ahem, Say almost 2 years.
  X : What the hell ? You've been a Cyber Slave, for more than 2 years by now ???
Me : (Cyber Slave ??!!%$^&#) Huh! Huh! :'(

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Busy being Vetti!

Was that a contradictory title ? May be, but I've been extremely busy being and doing the most silly and vetti (jobless?) things for the past few days, and now I'm here writing a post about those ? Because, I couldn't control myself from doing so!

Well to start with, the first and the most funniest thing that we started discussing/planning was to trick one of our dearest gang-mate, G in the creative-just-for-laugh-gags way. We used to watch this program everyday, as it is one of our favorite. And we have been discussing quite for sometime about a well and nicely planned trick, to be tried on G. I can't explain even a bit of the so-called-plan over here, probably for the reason that, then my blog space would come under porn-related search results :P

But OMG, those lengthiest/funny gmail threads could be one of the most vetti-est of all the vetti things, I am doing these days. Everyday someone or other just starts a mail thread, and it keeps on getting appended to some 20 or more replies in few minutes. And how very modest all our dear gang-mates are, to put a busy status in gtalk, with additional status messages reading `Really Really Busy' ;-), For that matter, even I remember in a thread discussing exactly about being busy/and setting busy status in gtalk. Ooof. And I looove those gmail threads and appends, with different colors for each person, etc etc. Long live gmail! :)

And coming to another most interesting and vetti thing, I'm doing for the past 2 days - Gossips! What else would be more interesting for somebody who is vetti, other than chewing about and peeping into other's personal matters, and that too about my dear room-mate's, and that too if that's D. Is that because, I have never even dreamed of Gossips-and-D, that I paid more interest than normally I'd do, I don't know. But I thoroughly enjoyed doing a bit research work on that front, and even starting a discussion in our Orkut community :-)

But, I did even some useful stuffs during weekend, doing loads more of shopping for Diwali, getting stuffs for everybody (Buying sarees on my own was a big nightmare. But did it with an ease this time, and thanks to U). Did watch 2 wonderful movies :P, `Happy Days' and `No Smoking'. I clapped heavily, as soon as this `No Smoking' got over, without even realizing myself, for the first time after any movie. Is that probably because, I'm sooo happy that the movie got over :'(

Okiee, And enough of writing a vetti post about all the vetti businesses!
My advanced Diwali wishes to you all! :)

Monday, October 08, 2007

2nd Season & 2nd Sensation

For those of you who missed to watch, here is the video clip of those dramatic final moments of the sensational episode of Jodi No.1 (Season 2) in Vijay TV, with hot and sensational talks between Simbhu, Prithvi and Venkat too which finally ended up in getting the rocking Riyaz-Prithvi pair to be eliminated themselves!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

@ times & @ other times

I've always felt that soothing experience while scribbling something here in my blogspace, when i feel or think that i am in a somewhat bad state of mind. But, can the layout/template change of my space alienate me from writing whatever that i wished to ? I am afraid i don't know, except that i decided just to cry out!

At times, I have felt that everybody around me are trying to put up a big nice play and that i should go far beyond the reach of any human touch or smell, and sit alone, and enjoy that loneliness.
At other times, I have enjoyed being with my dear and near ones, being missed and missing people.

At times, I have felt extremely sad even amidst sitting a bunch of enjoying people.
At other times, I have enjoyed beyond the limit by spending time with those, and even when i was alone.

At times, I have felt extremely disappointed and felt extremely sad that people didn't even try to reach my expectations, my feelings and sensations.
At other times, I have happily accepted the way they are and enjoyed even those particular behaviors of them.

At times, I have felt jealous of other's work, intelligence and successes.
At other times, I have felt the joy from deep inside my heart about my dear and near one's milestones and talents.

I've always wondered time and again, how much ratio of the weight i have given for these @times and @other times in my life, has it been 50~50 or 70~30 or .. ?? I am not sure though, but I could have made things better, or can make things better if i can march towards a 30~70 or 10~90 ratio ?!

On a completely unrelated note,
I've bought a new bike, owing to the following facts :
  • Our office has been shifted to a new bigger and better building, not only that but also at a faraway distance from where we live.
  • We didn't even imagine about searching for a new house near our office, as we didn't wish to end up paying the rent which we give for our 3BH, for a single BH in that posh Jubliee hills area.
  • Last but not the least, I can never more beg for more than 20 or 30 autowallahs, in various languages and with various facial expressions before i get one. I've even come across certain guys, who just shook their heads, before even i start opening my mouth. Oooof!

On an other unrelated note,
I was extremely touched seeing for the 2nd time, but for a puccah censored version of 7G Rainbow Colony on Oct 2nd, thanks to Sun TV. But, don't ask me whether Gandhiji would have been touched seeing all those colorful and nice special programs being relayed amidst tight competitions, on his birthday, from heaven! ;-)

Monday, September 10, 2007

How safe are we ?

Before entering a Shopping mall, breathing hard and thinking whether this place might be one amongst those possible bomb-blast spots..
After leaving the mall, and when you come outside, thinking hard to stand or walk under a bridge as its raining heavily !!

How safe are we in this world ??

Friday, September 07, 2007


You are able to read it ! Aren't you ?

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I was around 4, when we moved to our newly built house. These such similar conversations or fights or whatever, even happens now in our house.
Mom : I always shouted, asking you to leave some extra space in the front of the house !
Dad : I actually wanted more space to be left behind in the backyard.
Mom : See, we can't even park two vehicles next to each other comfortably, then how can we park a car, probably in the future. Nobody hears to me in this house. Huh !
These such conversations, might not end in such a smooth manner at times though. But yeah, as we have some what of a free space at the backyard, we wanted to maintain a garden. Out of greediness, we planted all those trees and plants; like coconut, mango, papaya, lemon, pomegranate, some two varieties of guava (one is called china-guava, it will be very small and reddish, i love that one) etc etc. And all those roses, different types of jasmines, henna etc. (I still remember fighting with my sis, as i did some ugly mehendi in her hand and spoiled it)

And out of those 5 coconut trees, we got each one of them assigned by dad to me, my sis, bro and mom. Its our responsibility to take care of them. And there always used to be competition between me and my sis, in watering or manuring.. But one person who doesn't even care about these is my bro. We have got rounds for watering every evening, though i don't much remember seeing my bro in the backyard.

Before the rainy season starts, we used to grow vegetables every year. Dad used to do some magic with the soil, prepares well spaced areas individually for different kinds of plants. And one nice evening, we all used to sow seeds (for brinjal, pumpkin, tomato, ladies-finger, gourds etc etc). I used to wake up early for some next 3 or 4 days, to check if the seeds which i have sowed has grown up. It was all fun to watch them grow, and giving vegetables. Gardening was the only good hobby for me during my childhood, as i won't get out of house much, for playing games, etc (Though i did, i hardly remember those memories, than these). And as years rolled on, and as each of us moved to various places for studies and things, we stopped doing all those nice gardening things.

And, why all of sudden I got back to those old memories. Its probably because, a week back I came to know that there was a Nursery Mela happening near Eat Street, over here in Hyd. Though my roomies showed some interest initially, they weren't able to accompany me. Is it because of that, or that I didn't want to kill too many lives, I just got a single rose plant in a pot. And here is the first [and the only one so far :(] rose of it.

[I got it uploaded using ;)]

I should probably try getting few more added to the balcony in our apartment. Wouldn't it be nice and peaceful to see them growing up, before you go for work every morning ?

Friday, August 17, 2007

My everyday sites list.

The flash movie didn't get loaded ? Click here

PS : I basically wanted to try and create a sample flash using the Flex framework. ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Orkut Doodle

Orkut, one of the popular community sites has always been close to our hearts. Is it because the indian traffic has been constantly increasing, I am not sure but came across this doodle today, linked to their official blog post explaining how Orkut is celebrating our Independence day.

And here is that doodle, which will be removed tomorrow and so just thought of archiving it here :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

200 Secrets.

Quite sometimes back, when i started blogging, and i was in a kind-of a bad state, i remember writing a post about Meaning of Life. I am not very sure whether that post was a crap or made any sense at all to people .

Though things in my life has changed a quite better from those final days of my College, and particularly for the last one year or so [new people, better environment, etc], I still feel that i am not upto anything good or great. I feel, i am not putting any of my efforts at all for some greater good or for achieving something. :(

At times saying, Life is boring, Life has become a routine, looking at my everyday work and if weekend starts, going for movies and tasting various restaurants around, worrying frequently with friends about not having gal friends.. Is this all that i can do or i can worry about ?

Ahem ahem.. Coming to the point for which i started typing this post.
I got this nice stuff from my best, which i wanted to share with everyone.
Please do try reading this one.

The Top 200 Secrets of Success and the Pillars of Self-Mastery
- By Robin S Sharma

And let me see, if i can find any change in the way i look at things and doing stuffs.

Friday, August 03, 2007

In 2 years.

How much changes can you see in persons in 2 years ?
Here are 2 snaps, of me and my roomies.. Check that out.. :)

2 years before

A recent snap

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Top 10 keywords bringing users to my Blogspace

After a long time, I logged into Google analytics where i have created an account for tracking my blog space. And i was surprised to see its new version, with damn cool features like interactive flash charts, generate reports etc. User interaction design has been made perfect, allowing to filter the period for viewing the reports, allowing to drill down into the flash charts for finer details. For eg. To get to know the Visitors traffic, you can keep on digging from World-> Asia-> South Asia-> India-> South India-> ..

I just wanted to look at the keywords traffic from search engines, thats bringing people to my blog. So here is a screen shot of the same. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Storm coming..

I got this pic, somewhere from a reddit link.
And i was just kept on looking at it, May be it resembled to some extent the state currently i am with. I feel like exploding now, but i should calm down and think deeply to plan what should i do next.. Lets wait and see..

Should i be the storm or Should i be the one who runs away seeing the storm coming ?? I am afraid, i dont know !!

Friday, July 13, 2007

OotP - First day first show

We made it for the first day first show, of the much awaited 5th film in the HP series, and that too in IMAX 3D. Fully packed magical treat running for around 2 hrs 20 mins, the movie has got such a momentum, and blind cuts in story line, which every ardent fan of harry potter wud feel about. I am not sure, how non harry fans would appreciate the movie, due to the pace in which the movie goes.

Umbridge rocks, Luna rocks, the 20 mins of explosive finale in 3D is not extremely awesome or something, but it was good. Sirius have been given more scenes with some touchy dialogues too to make all of us feel when he dies in the end. And I liked the Grawp scenes too, and when ever Ron and Hermoine are in the scene, the director made sure that they do silly things, being possessive on each other, etc etc building a strong base for Ron-Hermoine love affairs in the 7th book. It would have been nice if some few more minutes are spent on the final action scenes in the Ministry, though the wizards duel was awesome.

The Order rocks !!!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Expecto Patronum

Check out this link for an exclusive clip from the much awaited 5th film of the Harry Potter series. I just enjoyed watching the clip, where in Harry teaches the DA members, how to conjure a patronus. Its sooo cool :-)

And after the premiere in Tokyo, there has been reviews stating the movie to be the darkest and the best so far. And i just can't wait to watch it.

Some of the reviews after Tokyo premiere:
UPDATE : Here is another exclusive clip of the Escape of Bella from Azkaban which surfaced online.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Whats coming next ?

From my childhood days i have this [bad or whatever] practice of just checking the Calendar for 'What is coming next ?? Which makes me feel happy/better/something !!'. May be many others might also be doing the same.. Does that mean, that we are failing to live and enjoy each and every moment.. Might be, but thats not always possible rite.. [When your boss is sitting next asking u to do something, when u r attending an interview, when u r writing a board exam...etc etc.. am just trying to go backwards in time.. :D]

Ok.. Thats all set aside, but what sort of this 'Whats next?' thing that used to make me drive and push my present time.. Well, it kept on varying from time to time.. During school days, i just wait for the forthcoming quarterly, half-yearly or summer holidays there by pushing hard my hectic working days :P.. When it came to my college days, as i was away from my home, whenever i was able to note/plan in my calendar for my next trip to my hometown, i will just try push those in between days.. :)

But as the days are passing, my preferences/type of 'Whats next?' might be changing, though my attitude as such of 'Whats next?' can't be removed ?? Is it good to remove that mentality ?? I have got no idea.. But i used to love the quote, 'Enjoy every moments of life' :) Though am failing to do the same.

And BTW, why am i making such a post now.
May be, am nearing some event in my Calendar.. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thala rocks in AP too..

It was yesterday morning, D seemed to be quite happy about something. 'Hey, Prasadz is releasing Sivaji in Tamil', he said. I just took that day's Metro plus, and was just scanning the movies column, when i was able to note that, 'Sivaji (Tamil) Sat, Sun 8:45 am' below a huge row of Sivaji(Tel) with daily around 6 shows or something. But felt quite happy that atleast there are 2 shows, and we planned to go directly to Prasadz before going to office, and D finished of his usual duty of calling people and confirming the show time in minutes this time, and we assumed that the booking is starting that day and there won't be much people in that early hours.

But we were wrong, we din't even halt our bike, and when we decided we should head back to the office, i just shoot this video. Take a look.

Friday, May 25, 2007

M bids adieu !

There are certain personalities, with whom even if you have moved for hardly a week or two you will feel that you have got through with them for years. M, is one of a kind.

The one person, whom i have admired, i have liked, i have wanted to work with, in my company is M. She was in the interactive design team serving for almost every application thats being built, so there won't be a person in our firm without knowing her. And everybody here does like her for the way she interact and work, but she had her own life for paintings, and so she got to start off from here. And today is her last working day in office. :(

I might have worked with her for hardly a month, during the UI revamp phase of our application, and i completely enjoyed the way we worked out things. I learned a lot from her, she inspired me a lot, such that i myself started thinking hard in new user interactive designs and stuffs, and i just loved implementing them too. I liked the way she interacts with us.. Some of her typical phrases, which i like to hear again and again..
  • `You monkey !!, What did you do to my files ??' [Even chimpanzee at times]
  • `Who did this ??!! :)' [ typical phrase when she used to have a look at her interface, she loved our interface more than anything ]
  • And the typical sentences that she tries in tamil, `Po laam va.., enna panra nee..'
"You should love and enjoy the work you do to the maximum extent". I felt this only while working with her.. I can't forget the day, when we both were trying to solve a CSS issue in Firefox, spending almost 3 hours.. and hoping it will work, every time we try something different. And at last my team mate came to her cabin, and told casually that she fixed that already.. :)

I will miss those days.. :'(

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I love... Firebug

Just wow ! when i looked at this particular extension for Firefox, Firebug for making the web development easier & faster.

I just came to know about this extension from my team mate, and its just amazing to look at the various things that this particular extension provides with respect to
  • Fine tuning the CSS
  • Correcting the HTML
  • Debugging the javascript code (the one big remedy for my development work..)
  • Monitoring the time elapsed while rendering
During our development times, we do come across fixing or changing the html/css alignment/rendering issues.. At all those times, we change the css or html and do an ./ant prepare for copying the html/css files to the server, for a helluva times, and my terminal does hang at loads of times even for just an ./ant prepare, which is such an irritating thing for me..
But thanks to Firebug, it does make most of our development work simpler and faster.. Ooooh.. :)

Here is a screen shot for the Net tab (network monitoring) of Firebug, for the Reddit site.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Movie 5 ( OotP ) [ Character posters ]

I loved these 4 character posters released for the Order of the Phoenix movie. They are really cool. Just wanted to share them here.

Enjoy !! :D

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Redditors digging a lot ??

The is the screenshot of Reddit's new submissions as of 11 30 am today morning.
Digg faced problem, because of many story submissions about an encryption key for HD-DVD.
[ Check out: HD-DVD Stories in Digg and also this post from the founder of Digg]

And now, this has caused all the new story submissions in Reddit to be full of Digg's problems/shut down etc etc.. So what does this mean ??

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Typical phrases from Bosses

Let me try and make out some top 5 phrases/questions asked by most of their Bosses to their workers in a [sarcastic] manner, and which obviously makes them to feel a bit, though they do/answer to those work/questions.

And these assumptions might not hold good for exceptional bosses. :)

Here we go:
5. "Don't forget to do that, before you leave for the day."
4. "Hope we can finish this functionality by EOD."
3. "Can you please follow up and get this done ASAP."
2. "Could you revert the changes you have made, the previous implementation itself looked better."
1. "Did you get any chance to look into that issue?"

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dev. Team Vs QA

Its hightime that i am making such a post.. I will try to make generic views and points (assuming things are being the same in most of the IT firms) about this very common Dev Vs QA `issue'.. :)

These are the general mistakes/wrong attitude that Testers and Developers do/have, and which is the main cause for most of the problems between them. Here we go :

Testers used to
  • raise issues/bugs which don't even come under the specs/requirement.
  • not feel/understand about the exact `User Base' of the application they are testing.
  • somehow want to increase the counts of the bugs/issues they raise, and so they do raise some stupid silly issues. And this can take out the good impression on QA in the Developers mind, which can affect at times, when the testers raise genuine high priority bugs.
  • face problems, due to improper communication with the Developers.

Developers used to
  • think great of the work they do, take upper hand over the testers, and don't respond properly to the Testers.
  • say stupid excuses to the Testers for the issues they raised, rather than looking deep into the issue and fixing that.
  • get annoyed about the questions/clarifications, specs and requirements that they need to convey to the Testers.
  • obviously get annoyed, when too many bugs are raised in the code part that they did. [ its a very natural feeling in every developers mind ]

So, who won this war between the Dev and QA. Nobody won, though the Product they both working on can lose atlast. Yeah, the fact is that all these resources from both Dev Team and QA Team are working towards a bug-free, efficient Product. So, if they start think about their Product's efficiency/performance and forgetting all their ego and stuffs.. There won't be people shouting !! Isn't it ?

Enjoy coding & testing. :)
Till next post,

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Boredom !!!

Being a software professional, I have heard many people in my field saying that they are feeling bored about their daily routine work and doing some mundane things.. I would ask one thing to them,
You are brushing your teeth everyday, you are taking bath everyday !! Are you feeling bored about that ? Nope !!
So, what is that feeling thats making us to report like this ? I don't know. IT is the field in which we can use our creativity/innovation to make even our routine work more fun and enjoyable.. You won't be getting bored on anything which you love and do.. Isn't it ? You can shift projects/companies.. etc etc too

Have we ever thought how our parents/others have moved/killed their time in their [government] offices sitting amidst some large group of files, papers, ledgers etc etc.. Ooof, how hard their life would have been.. But what is our (s/w professionals) environment..
  • A nice air cooled atmosphere
  • A computer with 24x7 internet connection in office
  • A computer/A Laptop/Blackberry in home
  • And we are online all the time in our messengers etc etc
  • Apart from recreating in social networking sites
  • Listening to music, watching videos and working
  • Having soft drinks/cold coffee/tea etc etc in the middle
Wow, So even after being given with all these we feel that we are bored in our life & work.. :) Yeah at time even i do feel like that.. So what will i be doing at all those times..
  • Go to my next cabin person place, Sit, Chat ?!! ;)
  • Go to cafeteria, and play a game of fuz ball !!
  • Go to motta maadi, and do a vetti chat !!
  • Torture somebody in the intranet chat :P
  • Starting/appending to some hot/long running mail threads
  • Above all, writing such a crappy post and torturing u all ;-)
So there are ways through which you can kill your boredom moments, make fun out of those.. and keep enjoying.. :) Keep yourself extremely busy, so that you won't even care or spend time to worry or think about anything else..

Okie.. Okie.. Am stopping here.. :P
Till next post,

PS: I am making this post on an extremely busy day.. I can't further explain about how busy i am, since thats something confidential.. :P

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Movie 5 (OotP) [ Trailer ]

International Trailer

Theatrical Trailer

Its awesome, but the sound track isn't that good when compared to the Teaser Trailer. And am not sure whether this will become the best of the HP series movies. But my expectations are building higher because of the fact that, the last 20 minutes of the movie is gonna be in 3D in IMAX screens.. Ooooh, I just can't wait.. :)

Till next post,

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Java !!

Till next post,

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Ship which never sinks...

I got up so late today.. I din't have my breakfast.. I saw this program on TV.. I went for this movie.. I had a great time there.. I went for shopping here.. I bought this..

and the dialogue continues over phone or in watever mode of communication.. So, everybody around us does share and confide our everyday happenings to our dear ones.. It can even be our mom/dad or family members.. But many people does share a lot more things with people other than their family members.. Yeah, they share with their friends.. We can assume that each and everybody in this world would atleast have one person with whom he/she confide things, at any point of time in their life, though that person can keep on changing..

Friendship, yeap that is the relationship that can do wonders in one's life.. The ship which can never sink ?? The feeling that can't be expressed in words.. When you get that warmth of holding your friend's arms, resting on his/her shoulders, You can achieve a lot more things in this world.. That feel good factor can bring in a lot more better results, progress and achievements in your life.. When you share your joyous moments, your problems, your success, your failure with them you feel lighter and much more happier..

But !! At times, even this wonderful relationship can even cause pain and make you feel bad or worst or whatever.. May be because of several reasons, and one reason might be that he/she couldn't always understand the 100% of you.. !!!

Still, everybody in this world can find a person.. and the friendship with that person can never ever sink.. And that person is none other than you to yourself.. Yeap, there can't be a person who can understand the 100% of you other than yourself.. Only you can be the best ever friend to you, when you start loving yourself.. when you start identifying the inner of yourself..

Till next post,

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Deathly Hallows Cover Art released !!!

Great news for the HP fans..
That Bloomsburry has released the cover art for the Book 7

Kids Version Front Cover:

Adults Version Front Cover:

US Edition's Cover Art:

Here are the entire cover art links with the summaries:
Adult version's front cover being simple and cool.. Kids version's front cover does reveal loads of details.. :P [ one thing i noted is that, an house elf (dobby?) hiding at the back of Harry is holding the Griffindor's sword..!!! ]

And above all, the theme color goes Black for this book :-( meaning a damn sure -ve ending for Harry :( :(
I can't just wait !!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blog !!!

Till next post,

Friday, March 23, 2007

Harry Potter !!!

Potter.. Harry Potter.. :)
My sis told that she liked this one soo much, but next to the ambigram of her name in tamil.. :)

Till next post,

Thursday, March 22, 2007

India !!!

Does it look like India or Vindia ??
Whatever it might look like,
but am keeping my fingers crossed for tomoro's match of India..
Come on Indiaaaaa !!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I love...

I love...

.. to watch my mom/sis putting kolam
.. to play stupid flash games in my home comp.
.. to play some very old games (naalu sozhi, pallanguzhi) wid my sis, cousins ;)

.. to watch NDTV 24x7 (any time)
.. watching KBC
.. Jo [ love to watch Ra..Ra.. infinite times]
.. anything coming from Maniratnam & ARR combination

.. the telugu script
.. also hearing somebody speaking telugu as long as they dont kill it

.. doing window shopping
.. RIG shirts
.. only boot-cut jeans

.. to cook
.. eating tomato lays ;-)
.. my mom's [ crab fry + fish curry ] combo :)
.. chocolates :D [perk, munch]

.. anything that Google releases
.. to work in Mircosoft's IDE
.. WIKI concept [ Wikipedia is my favourite ]
.. blog hopping
.. killing my time by going thru reddit links
.. to chat with the next cabin person over Gtalk (and that too voice chat)
.. the font 'Trebuchet MS' [the current one :P]

.. to live in Harry Potter world
.. creating Ambigrams

And above all..
I love you, who have managed to read this stupid post till the very end.. :D

Till next post,

P.S. : I serioulsy got sick of today's work, and barely wanted to relax and make some stupid post.. Plssssss adjuz :)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I miss...

I miss...

.. my innocent childhood days
.. my mom's food
.. my +2 vacation period
.. my weekends during college days
.. my pal's innocent smile
.. my pal's sis and uncle
.. my home comp
.. my peaceful chennai life while in Vz
.. my caring & lovable Vz gang
.. my cabin in Viceroy building
.. madhya kailash, the place which soothed me at lot of times
.. besant nagar beach
.. anjappar restaurant's chicken lollypop (:P)
.. watching tamil movies at Satyam

[ Why suddenly started listing the things which i missed/ing over the span of time ?? May be because of something which made me to feel like missing something more than anything else which i listed above..]

Till next post,

P.S. Though nothing could be inferenced from those last 2 lines, atleast i can get back this day's memory from my pensieve on seeing this post :P

Sunday, February 25, 2007

With mixed feelings...

The weekend went on with some good and bad moments..
While you feel better that things have come to a normal state and feel happy, you are ended up with some more probs and head aches..

The perception, thoughts and views will be varying from each and every other person, and if you are moving in groups you should always have the patience/sense to handle things.. You can always have loads of fun/feel nice/enjoy in groups, as long as you maintain your limits..

One thing that i learnt from the happenings over the past few weeks, is that..
Think twice (twice isn't enough man), u have to think for infinite no. of times before you open ur mouth... But if you keep on thinking for infinite number of times, you won't be opening your mouth at all ooff... Thats well and gud rite !!! ;-)
[ But what am i actually doing now ?? Hmmm.. Okay Okay.. i got it.. :P ]

Till next post,

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Movie 5 ( OotP ) !!! [Pics - Contd]

Ministry of Magic

Harry in the Corridors

Harry in Snape's Office

In the Ministry, with the Prophecy

Till next post,

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The battle continues...!!!

Its beens quite some time, since i have updated my space with things that are happening around.. Actually, i am not having that exuberance to pen down things these days.. :( Though somehow overcoming my laziness, am gonna scribble something in this post..

Life isn't going so dry.. Amidst many good things happening around, there are also some battles going aside.. :P

  • Our company Mega Party went on by Jan 24th, which also brought the Super Six series to an end.. It was a week of total enjoyment, with picking up some good news around.. ;)
  • On the long weekend of Jan26-28, we atlast went for the Ramoji Film City over here in Hyd, we didn't actually enjoy the day, as all of us got tired and hoping to return home soon..
  • Its been End Of Season Sale here, and in wherever direction you see, there will be a SALE UPTO 50% board hanging outside every shop.. And i myself couldn't control, and shopped a lot in the past 1 week.. :)
  • I saw 2 movies over last 1 week, Parzania and Black Friday, there a lot of similarities in both of them, watching movies made out of real stories/incidents has always been an interest to me.. And also we see very less movies of this kind in Indian Cinema.. Nice movies to say, but both of them weren't welcomed much.. with Parzania not able to reach the theatres in Gujarat.. And Black Friday reached theatres after 2 years of time.. Ooh.. :'(
  • Its February, and its time for all those investment details submission, blah blah.. the work which i hate to do.. :'( Still strugggled and opened a PPF a/c atlast last week.. Ooff, wat a great job i have done.. :)

So, what is that the battle that is continuing, i havn't told anything about that.. :'(

Till next post,

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Deathly Hallows Release Date !!!!

So, finally the much awaited news for the HP fans is out !!!
Yeah, but all the guesses about the release date gone wrong...
Its not 7-7-07, but still its gonna be released in the same month..
Yeah its so soon than expected.. And its on..
21st July 2007.. Ooooh..

This is what the News section of the J.K.Rowling's official site reads..

An Update to this post..
Juz go thru this article
stating that the Deathly Hallows has been finished by January 11.. :P

Enjoyyyy !!!
Till next post,

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Priya !!! [ as Ambigram ]

My Sis name Priya in Tamil as Ambigram..
Used Photoshop in my Home Comp after a very looong time, made me remember those College Days wen i used it for designing Posters, Banners.. :)

Till next post,

PS: This is the 50th [published] post of my BlogSpace.. Hope i won't lose courage in making posts.. :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

తెలుగు !!! [ as Ambigram ]

Just tried it for Telugu.. the Script which i like the most out of the Indian Languauges..
Though din't come as good as the [Tamil] Ambigram..

Till next post,

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

தமிழ் !!! [ as Ambigram ]

I hope this isn't that bad as that 'Viki' in Telugu..

Till next post,

Friday, January 05, 2007

GM Diet Program !!!

Are you looking for ways to reduce your weight drastically ??
Wanna reduce around 5 kgs in 7 days.. Here is the Diet Program given my General Motors.. GM Diet.. Check this link too, if u are a veggie..

So, from where i got these links and why am i making a post about this out here ???
Huh.. Its all because of the way my room-mates are trying to fight hard for their food for the past 2 days..

Yeah.. Both of them wanted to reduce their weight, and got to know about these Diet Program from one other person who reduced her weight drastically because of this program.. :0 Which in particular gave these guys extra courage to get into, Though they are finding it hard to continue.. :P Lets see how they are gonna finish these 7 days.. The worst part of this is that, i am also suffering as these guys are saying NO to cook !!! :(

Completely packed with Fruits and Vegetables :(

Venkat giving a nice post out there.. :)

Leave all these stuffs..
Anybody, do tell me is there any Program to gain 5 kgs in 7 days.. :P
Am barely in need of such a Diet Program.. He he he :D

Till next post,

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Kannadigas Vs Tamilians !!!

I am not sure, how many kannadigas gonna come back to read any article published in IBN LIVE from now on !! Its all becoz of this..

There was a news article published in CNN-IBN's site, about Highs, lows of cinema down south..
And the thing, is that they dint mention about the Kannada Film Industry although they did mention about the Kannad Film Industry in the Video Clip..

Thats it..

The comments started pouring in from the Kannadigas.. Though most of the comments just started talking about the omittion of Kannad Film Industry, it gradually grew to attack the Tamil Film Industry and Tamilians.. Do the Tamilians keep shut in turn, they also started firing back.. :(

Language fanaticism is there with both Kannadigas and Tamilians !!
So, cant do anything.. ?? Though we just talk about Unity, blah blah.. :(

Till next post,

PS: Both Kannada and Tamil are from the same root/family of Languages..
They have got many similarities.. etc etc.. But what is the use in knowing these infos.. Huh..