Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dev. Team Vs QA

Its hightime that i am making such a post.. I will try to make generic views and points (assuming things are being the same in most of the IT firms) about this very common Dev Vs QA `issue'.. :)

These are the general mistakes/wrong attitude that Testers and Developers do/have, and which is the main cause for most of the problems between them. Here we go :

Testers used to
  • raise issues/bugs which don't even come under the specs/requirement.
  • not feel/understand about the exact `User Base' of the application they are testing.
  • somehow want to increase the counts of the bugs/issues they raise, and so they do raise some stupid silly issues. And this can take out the good impression on QA in the Developers mind, which can affect at times, when the testers raise genuine high priority bugs.
  • face problems, due to improper communication with the Developers.

Developers used to
  • think great of the work they do, take upper hand over the testers, and don't respond properly to the Testers.
  • say stupid excuses to the Testers for the issues they raised, rather than looking deep into the issue and fixing that.
  • get annoyed about the questions/clarifications, specs and requirements that they need to convey to the Testers.
  • obviously get annoyed, when too many bugs are raised in the code part that they did. [ its a very natural feeling in every developers mind ]

So, who won this war between the Dev and QA. Nobody won, though the Product they both working on can lose atlast. Yeah, the fact is that all these resources from both Dev Team and QA Team are working towards a bug-free, efficient Product. So, if they start think about their Product's efficiency/performance and forgetting all their ego and stuffs.. There won't be people shouting !! Isn't it ?

Enjoy coding & testing. :)
Till next post,

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