Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I love... Firebug

Just wow ! when i looked at this particular extension for Firefox, Firebug for making the web development easier & faster.

I just came to know about this extension from my team mate, and its just amazing to look at the various things that this particular extension provides with respect to
  • Fine tuning the CSS
  • Correcting the HTML
  • Debugging the javascript code (the one big remedy for my development work..)
  • Monitoring the time elapsed while rendering
During our development times, we do come across fixing or changing the html/css alignment/rendering issues.. At all those times, we change the css or html and do an ./ant prepare for copying the html/css files to the server, for a helluva times, and my terminal does hang at loads of times even for just an ./ant prepare, which is such an irritating thing for me..
But thanks to Firebug, it does make most of our development work simpler and faster.. Ooooh.. :)

Here is a screen shot for the Net tab (network monitoring) of Firebug, for the Reddit site.

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