Saturday, June 06, 2009


Yes, I'm alive. I just wanted to update about the stuffs happening around me & I'll try not to make this post to be one of those usual ramblings of mine.

Firstly, people around me are moving & getting into their next phases of lives. Yet another big-good-bye that I've to face, in the coming weeks. It has always been hard for me. This particular thingy is even more harder in a way that it's the relationship which has been my last connection to several things around me! Makes me wonder, how very unstable life is. Looking at things from my selfish context, makes me worry about my non-changing, monotonous life. I've really been not willing to give a head for any change, which is bad. But, the kind-of excitement at work makes me keep moving. Desperate attempts to do something new & interesting like -- learning guitar or car-driving or yoga or photography -- doesn't work for me either. I'm becoming one of those laziest pigs, which doesn't want to move away from it's comp/internet.

Secondly, I'm really becoming bad at keep in touch with friends. I'm hating to type mails & make calls, and even to reply to scraps :( I'm actually hell-bored from checking scraps in orkut to setting/changing statuses in facebook & to taking/publishing those meant-to-be-funny facebook quizzes. Listening to melodies & having my head burried into some novels makes me feel good than anything else these days.

And, thanks to those short lived friends of mine -- fever, cold, headache -- I've been able to get some sleep in the past weeks due to those heavy doses of drugs. But here I'm, back to normal, back to those sleepless nights, yay! :)

Reading at the post again, makes me feel that it's yet another trademark post of mine :p