Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bye, Big Apple

Long walks across those streets and avenues - Those 'wow!' night views of the city from new port, empire state & water taxi ride - Confusions @ the Subways & PATHs & Metro city buses - Several tries before properly getting the metro card work & so my travel card! - Pitas & Rolls & Biryanis from those road-side carts - Chicken biryani from Utsav :p - Rides to New Jersey, Penn - Niagra!!! - Window shopping @ Macy's ;) - Those stop/walk symbols - Times Square - Roaming around with those new friends - Luxurious stay @ AKA - Walks across streets of huge beautiful towers @ night to just click pics - And and the very reason for my trip, that super cool experience that I've had @ desco :)

I might slightly miss you, nyc! :D