Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Kannadigas Vs Tamilians !!!

I am not sure, how many kannadigas gonna come back to read any article published in IBN LIVE from now on !! Its all becoz of this..

There was a news article published in CNN-IBN's site, about Highs, lows of cinema down south..
And the thing, is that they dint mention about the Kannada Film Industry although they did mention about the Kannad Film Industry in the Video Clip..

Thats it..

The comments started pouring in from the Kannadigas.. Though most of the comments just started talking about the omittion of Kannad Film Industry, it gradually grew to attack the Tamil Film Industry and Tamilians.. Do the Tamilians keep shut in turn, they also started firing back.. :(

Language fanaticism is there with both Kannadigas and Tamilians !!
So, cant do anything.. ?? Though we just talk about Unity, blah blah.. :(

Till next post,

PS: Both Kannada and Tamil are from the same root/family of Languages..
They have got many similarities.. etc etc.. But what is the use in knowing these infos.. Huh..

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