Sunday, March 11, 2007

I miss...

I miss...

.. my innocent childhood days
.. my mom's food
.. my +2 vacation period
.. my weekends during college days
.. my pal's innocent smile
.. my pal's sis and uncle
.. my home comp
.. my peaceful chennai life while in Vz
.. my caring & lovable Vz gang
.. my cabin in Viceroy building
.. madhya kailash, the place which soothed me at lot of times
.. besant nagar beach
.. anjappar restaurant's chicken lollypop (:P)
.. watching tamil movies at Satyam

[ Why suddenly started listing the things which i missed/ing over the span of time ?? May be because of something which made me to feel like missing something more than anything else which i listed above..]

Till next post,

P.S. Though nothing could be inferenced from those last 2 lines, atleast i can get back this day's memory from my pensieve on seeing this post :P


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Vigneshwar said...

Everything in the miss list is ok...
but why do u miss Besant nagar beach.
It would have taken your life out buddy[:p]
Dont feel... at least u had something to miss, but look at me there is nothing with me to miss...
Remember u can always find a better of the best and worse of the worst in this world...