Saturday, June 30, 2007

Expecto Patronum

Check out this link for an exclusive clip from the much awaited 5th film of the Harry Potter series. I just enjoyed watching the clip, where in Harry teaches the DA members, how to conjure a patronus. Its sooo cool :-)

And after the premiere in Tokyo, there has been reviews stating the movie to be the darkest and the best so far. And i just can't wait to watch it.

Some of the reviews after Tokyo premiere:
UPDATE : Here is another exclusive clip of the Escape of Bella from Azkaban which surfaced online.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Whats coming next ?

From my childhood days i have this [bad or whatever] practice of just checking the Calendar for 'What is coming next ?? Which makes me feel happy/better/something !!'. May be many others might also be doing the same.. Does that mean, that we are failing to live and enjoy each and every moment.. Might be, but thats not always possible rite.. [When your boss is sitting next asking u to do something, when u r attending an interview, when u r writing a board exam...etc etc.. am just trying to go backwards in time.. :D]

Ok.. Thats all set aside, but what sort of this 'Whats next?' thing that used to make me drive and push my present time.. Well, it kept on varying from time to time.. During school days, i just wait for the forthcoming quarterly, half-yearly or summer holidays there by pushing hard my hectic working days :P.. When it came to my college days, as i was away from my home, whenever i was able to note/plan in my calendar for my next trip to my hometown, i will just try push those in between days.. :)

But as the days are passing, my preferences/type of 'Whats next?' might be changing, though my attitude as such of 'Whats next?' can't be removed ?? Is it good to remove that mentality ?? I have got no idea.. But i used to love the quote, 'Enjoy every moments of life' :) Though am failing to do the same.

And BTW, why am i making such a post now.
May be, am nearing some event in my Calendar.. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thala rocks in AP too..

It was yesterday morning, D seemed to be quite happy about something. 'Hey, Prasadz is releasing Sivaji in Tamil', he said. I just took that day's Metro plus, and was just scanning the movies column, when i was able to note that, 'Sivaji (Tamil) Sat, Sun 8:45 am' below a huge row of Sivaji(Tel) with daily around 6 shows or something. But felt quite happy that atleast there are 2 shows, and we planned to go directly to Prasadz before going to office, and D finished of his usual duty of calling people and confirming the show time in minutes this time, and we assumed that the booking is starting that day and there won't be much people in that early hours.

But we were wrong, we din't even halt our bike, and when we decided we should head back to the office, i just shoot this video. Take a look.