Saturday, December 06, 2008

Mission Fun - I

It was C, who started this discussion thread among our gang @ office, with those we-need-fun-during-weekends-after-hectic-work kind of dialogues. And, we're not still very sure about his true intentions for proposing such plans. Anyways, the first plan of our Mission-Fun did indeed go really well! Since few people dropped out due to their vacation plans, we decided to meet up in our house, do some cooking, play some games and have fun.

C was punctual! After that really fast shopping of groceries, we were all set to start with our cooking plans, as the gals dropped in a bit late! C is really great at cooking. Be it the way he cut the vegetables, or the way he prepared : C is like a professional chef. In an hour, the spicy veg-briyani & the mushroom-masala were done! The late-comers did finish the cooking with their roti preparations as well :P

V liked my room much compared to the other rooms in our house (yeah, mine is obviously the cleanest room you see :P). S was doing all his usual pranks while playing UNO. It was a nice get-together, which made me feel better with the not-so-good-happenings that are going around. It also reminded me of the get-together that our old hyd-gang once had in our house.

Here are some pics.