Thursday, March 13, 2008

Weird Dreams

A huge group of forest animals, reptiles, cobras would be coming after me, though I try so hard to move my legs not to run but at least to keep a step, I can't move them. I'd try to shout out loud, though no sound would come out of my throat!

I'd be brushing my teeth and goggling to find that suddenly all my teeth have gone missing!

I'd be trying to climb stairs, to find that the steps which I've crossed kept on falling somewhere underneath the core of the earth!

I'd be trying to curse someone with the same curse again and again, with a so-called-wand, and after quite sometime realizing that the curse didn't work, I'll hit him hard straight away with that wand!

A big flight would be landing in the small road in front of my house, and it'd come to a halt just few inches to the gates of my house!

I'd be traveling in a bus in a steep hilly area, to find that the driver has suddenly given so much acceleration that it has started flying in the mid-air of the mountain near a huge-peak, and finally though the bus returns back to the road! (or else I'd just wake up)

I'd have put papers in my current company without having got another job and with only few days remaining for my last working day!

And above everything else,
I'd be debugging, writing code and designing stuffs in many dreams! :P

Deathly Hallows as 2 movies !!

Big news out for the HP fans (at least for me!) :D, that the final book of the fantabulous series will be released as two movies, and David Yates is going to be in action again!! Its always nice to have the same director taking an entire-series-of-anything, so that it could keep that feel of the movie constant through out.

Check out for more info here