Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Orkut Doodle

Orkut, one of the popular community sites has always been close to our hearts. Is it because the indian traffic has been constantly increasing, I am not sure but came across this doodle today, linked to their official blog post explaining how Orkut is celebrating our Independence day.

And here is that doodle, which will be removed tomorrow and so just thought of archiving it here :)


D said...

Nice to know that the whole world is celebrating this. I recently saw a notice from the Mayor of Washington inviting all the people to assemble for the celebration of Indian independence!

Proud to be an Indian!

Vigneshwar said...

Indian Independence is celebrated through out the world.. its really a great news!

And then remove this word verification thing... its really irritating to post a comment here :x

Sharath said...

Be Proud :)

even i feel this word verification is too much .. :)

Vignesh Kumar said...

@vigneshwar & @sharath,
What is the problem in typing that word verification thing, Its good to have that, to avoid comments from bots :P