Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Can thought process change our Fate ???

Hi all...
Though am not in a mood to blog, am gonna write.. i juz wanted to..
In this blog, am juz gonna share something n not any strange polambals of mine wll b there..

Hmmm... Ok lemme start..
We will often hear the saying think positive, everything will happen positively
Though this statement has been made in many places, and we have heard the same from many people n tat we are bored abt tat, we wont hear to tat anymore...

But lemme give some scientific proofs tat has been made on this topic, which s the main thing tat i wanted to share here..

This test has been conducted on two patients having the same/similar disease...
and that the patient1's thought process was being made in a +ve manner..
but the patient2's mental thinkin wer very down...
and the results showed tat, the number of WBCs tat gets generated (which is important for the resistivity of our body) is much higher for the patient1 than patient2...

Lets come back out of those research, blah blah n things... and think about ourselves abt the problems that we face/ n problems tat come b4 us..
In those cases, thinkin +ve will make us to/motivate us to take steps tat leads us to solve those problems..

But, i think i hv written tooooo much in this blog..
Lemme juz stop with this nonsense...
will write soooon :)
until then tata....

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Searching for the meaning of Life ??!!

Hi all..
Meeting u ppl again with neither sad nor happy mood.. The days are rolling as usual, and i have started taking the things as it come, not feelin sooo bad or soo happy about the happenings around me..

Ok lemme come to the topic of this blog..
Why are we living..? For whom we are living..? What is the meaning of Life..? Why are we sent down the earth here..? WHO AM I..?
These are the sort of questions which i try to find answers for myself, and will get confused n sit a corner.. So do most of us or atleast some of us..

Have we achived the goal for wat we have been given our Life.. Donno..
And one more thing, tat one of my friends used to tell me, when i was tryin to tell him tat i miss somebody.. n he started sayin like.. You should always be aware that U ARE ALONE, there s nobody who wll come with u till the end of ur Life, even ur parents, spouse, children.. nobody wll be there till the end of ur journy in Life.. and so u shud always keep in mind that u r alone and try to experience the same...

But, am not even goin to take a single thing from his sayin.. as in my point of view Life s not something like tat... n lemme put up this..

When u feel depressed, feel bad or watever it may by ( plainly in computer language, (!Happy) ), its al coz of u r worryin too much abt urself, ur future, ur wealth, blah blah...

But, Life is something, tat shud be lived for others.. When u start doing this we wll feel the inner of urself, and everythin wll luk gud n gr8 to u..
If u even do a small help to some person (who u don even know...), it wll make tat person feel like heaven which in turn wll give u all wat u want...

If u startin livin for others, n if u start helpin small small things to ppl who dont expect from u... then tats Life n start enjoyin it.. :)

Sorry, for too much of thathuvams.. in this blog..
meet u all again with something gud n coool next time..
with a very happy mood...

tata.. :)