Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Top 10 keywords bringing users to my Blogspace

After a long time, I logged into Google analytics where i have created an account for tracking my blog space. And i was surprised to see its new version, with damn cool features like interactive flash charts, generate reports etc. User interaction design has been made perfect, allowing to filter the period for viewing the reports, allowing to drill down into the flash charts for finer details. For eg. To get to know the Visitors traffic, you can keep on digging from World-> Asia-> South Asia-> India-> South India-> ..

I just wanted to look at the keywords traffic from search engines, thats bringing people to my blog. So here is a screen shot of the same. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Storm coming..

I got this pic, somewhere from a reddit link.
And i was just kept on looking at it, May be it resembled to some extent the state currently i am with. I feel like exploding now, but i should calm down and think deeply to plan what should i do next.. Lets wait and see..

Should i be the storm or Should i be the one who runs away seeing the storm coming ?? I am afraid, i dont know !!

Friday, July 13, 2007

OotP - First day first show

We made it for the first day first show, of the much awaited 5th film in the HP series, and that too in IMAX 3D. Fully packed magical treat running for around 2 hrs 20 mins, the movie has got such a momentum, and blind cuts in story line, which every ardent fan of harry potter wud feel about. I am not sure, how non harry fans would appreciate the movie, due to the pace in which the movie goes.

Umbridge rocks, Luna rocks, the 20 mins of explosive finale in 3D is not extremely awesome or something, but it was good. Sirius have been given more scenes with some touchy dialogues too to make all of us feel when he dies in the end. And I liked the Grawp scenes too, and when ever Ron and Hermoine are in the scene, the director made sure that they do silly things, being possessive on each other, etc etc building a strong base for Ron-Hermoine love affairs in the 7th book. It would have been nice if some few more minutes are spent on the final action scenes in the Ministry, though the wizards duel was awesome.

The Order rocks !!!