Friday, October 17, 2008

Movies Store

In continuation to my previous post on Google App Engine: Thanks a ton for those 2 other users who've recorded their idea in the so-called Idea Store application! I thought I would give a try in creating another app using GAE, and then came this idea of another store, and that's been named - Movie Store! :P

Most of the people I know are movie-freaks and they do end up watching atleast a single movie during their weekends. So, you could just spend few minutes in this application, providing your thoughts & rating about the movie you've just watched, there by making it available for your friends. You could also enter movies & reviews of some old-do-not-miss-movies here.

I decided that I've to market this application better than the previous one, and so tried typing some stuff in the start-up page of the application. :) Click here to check out the app & don't miss to record your favourite movies & their reviews!

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Wake up by 10 am.
Have breakfast.
Check e-mail.
Chat in GTalk.
Read HP7.
Check reddit.
Think of a status message for Facebook/Orkut/GTalk.
Have bath.
Have lunch.
Read HP7.
Have a nap.
Check e-mail.
Check reddit.
Get back to continue reading HP7.

This has been my day so far. And, Life seems to be more emptier than ever. Going to office and doing these routine stuffs would have atleast given an impression that I'm not idle and that I'm doing something useful. Curse me and my Life!