Sunday, November 26, 2006

@ Runway9 !!!

This Saturday was the first day of the "Super-Six!!!" fun series, being organized by our Company..
On this first event, we were taken to the Runway-9 here in Hyderabad. We enjoyed the day a lot in :
  • Go-Karting [i wasn't feeling like going at first, but enjoyed a lot later ;)]
  • Laser Combat [ which i liked the most out of the stuffs there :)]
  • Archery
  • Shooting
  • Skating
  • Rock Climbing.. etc etc

They day was all fun, ending in Dinner+Drinks+Dance.. Though i stopped enjoying with the Dinner alone.. ;)

Here are some snaps..

I am ready for Go-Karting

D after Laser Combat [His team lost actually :P]

Venkat aiming

More snaps over here:
Runway9 @ Flickr

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Friday, November 24, 2006

HBO OotP Sneak Preview !!!

Better than the Teaser Trailer.. :)
Dan, Emma and Rupert talking about how dark the film is, the sets etc..
Enjoy !!

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PS: Why am i making all video posts ?? I donno myself.. ;)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Spider Man - 3 [ Trailer ]


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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ambigrams !!!

You can see symmetry in many ways.. Ambigrams [ambi+gram=>same+letter in latin] have always been an interest for me.. I used to try out my name, and my friends name using ms-paint [as i will be doing a rotate by 180 degree, after making half the part of the word] during all my vetti times..[very old days.. ;)] Though when i ask people are you able to read this, i will always get a very bad response..

Ambigrams are of many types.. and i don't really wanna write an essay about that here.. So just go through these links to get to know more about them:

There are also online ambigram generators available.. I found one such site, and got the ambigram for my name, but that wasn't very pleasing.. After i googled along with my name, i got myself landed in this person's BlogSpot link, Amarnath [actually my college mate]. What a creativity he has got, and i was really impressed by his Tamil Ambigrams in particular.. Everything was really really cool.. And in particular, i got the Ambigram for my name too, which was even cooler than anything else [as its my name.. ha ha ha :D]

I just modified it to some extent.. And here you go..

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Monday, November 06, 2006

DonBoscoboys GetTogether !!!

Its before the Diwali vacation, with full enthu, i too replied for the *Get Together* thread that was running in my DonBoscoBoys yahoo groups.. Actually we planned to meet the next day to Diwali, on Sunday around 10 O Clock in our School Grounds..

Its was Sunday, but i got up so late and when i had my breakfast it was around 11.30, When i got a call from one of my friends saying that, around 25 guys have turned up in the School for that Get Together, and everybody is asking for me [ As i proposed for some plans in our groups.. but didn't turn up ]

So, immediately i rushed towards my School, its been quite some time i have been there.. Those roads towards the School brought me back my green old memories.. :) :( And the warm smile in that Gate Security guy, made me feel happy.. And the look of our School wasn't the same, it has changed drastically... Some rich look added to it.. Why not, heard that the term fees and other stuffs.. have gone up.. :0

Well... Not many guys from my close friends' circle turned up for various other reasons.. But still we enjoyed chatting in groups, pulling each others legs.. under that Tree in our grounds.. As its not well planned, we just talked for hours.. And around 1 O Clock, thought of leaving.. And marched our way back..

Near the Princi office, there used to be a board holding the Top Scorers in +2 every year.. And till before previous year my score stood there as the top, but that was beaten by some guy last year.. I just looked and smiled.. And left the School on my way to home..

Here are some snaps.. :)
Group Snap I

Group Snap II

Group Snap III

Me, Harish

More Snaps over here..

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Being normal !!!

Have we ever felt extremely happy
  • for able to walk in a normal way !!!
  • for able to speak/listen/see/interact in a normal way !!!
  • for able to eat/sleep in a normal way !!!
Have we ever thanked God so much for being Normal ??

No.. never.. not all, we have got a lot of worries for ourselves, Isn't it.. If we aren't handsome.. Aren't fair.. Aren't gud in studies.. Aren't rich.. Dont have girl friends.. Dont have a great job.. Dont have a good/caring wife.. Dont have good children.. etc etc till the end of our lives ?? Don't we..

Shall we forget all our little little worries.. And thank God, for making us a normal person in this world.. And have made us to do things in a nomal way.. And see happiness in anything/everything thats around us.. Shall we ?? :)

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