Friday, December 14, 2007

Fun with etymology!

Can you guess the etymology for trivia or trivial ? I was just laughing and everything for around 5 minutes, when I read something like..
trivia = tri (three) + via (road), and when three roads meet, there'll be a junction and traffic signal, and that the people standing there in that traffic wouldn't utter any secret stuffs, but only trivial stuffs..
I guess, whenever I got struck up in a traffic, trivia is going to flash in front of me :) And Its always fun to know more about the etymology of words, and for what they've been used in those original days, and how they've got transformed to what they mean today.. Isn't it ?

And, Norman Lewis just rocks! :)


Vigneshwar said...

nice one... Also read AAW.. it will be just like a novel

Vignesh Kumar said...

I've borrowed that one too. :)
But, haven't opened it yet though.