Thursday, August 23, 2007


I was around 4, when we moved to our newly built house. These such similar conversations or fights or whatever, even happens now in our house.
Mom : I always shouted, asking you to leave some extra space in the front of the house !
Dad : I actually wanted more space to be left behind in the backyard.
Mom : See, we can't even park two vehicles next to each other comfortably, then how can we park a car, probably in the future. Nobody hears to me in this house. Huh !
These such conversations, might not end in such a smooth manner at times though. But yeah, as we have some what of a free space at the backyard, we wanted to maintain a garden. Out of greediness, we planted all those trees and plants; like coconut, mango, papaya, lemon, pomegranate, some two varieties of guava (one is called china-guava, it will be very small and reddish, i love that one) etc etc. And all those roses, different types of jasmines, henna etc. (I still remember fighting with my sis, as i did some ugly mehendi in her hand and spoiled it)

And out of those 5 coconut trees, we got each one of them assigned by dad to me, my sis, bro and mom. Its our responsibility to take care of them. And there always used to be competition between me and my sis, in watering or manuring.. But one person who doesn't even care about these is my bro. We have got rounds for watering every evening, though i don't much remember seeing my bro in the backyard.

Before the rainy season starts, we used to grow vegetables every year. Dad used to do some magic with the soil, prepares well spaced areas individually for different kinds of plants. And one nice evening, we all used to sow seeds (for brinjal, pumpkin, tomato, ladies-finger, gourds etc etc). I used to wake up early for some next 3 or 4 days, to check if the seeds which i have sowed has grown up. It was all fun to watch them grow, and giving vegetables. Gardening was the only good hobby for me during my childhood, as i won't get out of house much, for playing games, etc (Though i did, i hardly remember those memories, than these). And as years rolled on, and as each of us moved to various places for studies and things, we stopped doing all those nice gardening things.

And, why all of sudden I got back to those old memories. Its probably because, a week back I came to know that there was a Nursery Mela happening near Eat Street, over here in Hyd. Though my roomies showed some interest initially, they weren't able to accompany me. Is it because of that, or that I didn't want to kill too many lives, I just got a single rose plant in a pot. And here is the first [and the only one so far :(] rose of it.

[I got it uploaded using ;)]

I should probably try getting few more added to the balcony in our apartment. Wouldn't it be nice and peaceful to see them growing up, before you go for work every morning ?

Friday, August 17, 2007

My everyday sites list.

The flash movie didn't get loaded ? Click here

PS : I basically wanted to try and create a sample flash using the Flex framework. ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Orkut Doodle

Orkut, one of the popular community sites has always been close to our hearts. Is it because the indian traffic has been constantly increasing, I am not sure but came across this doodle today, linked to their official blog post explaining how Orkut is celebrating our Independence day.

And here is that doodle, which will be removed tomorrow and so just thought of archiving it here :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

200 Secrets.

Quite sometimes back, when i started blogging, and i was in a kind-of a bad state, i remember writing a post about Meaning of Life. I am not very sure whether that post was a crap or made any sense at all to people .

Though things in my life has changed a quite better from those final days of my College, and particularly for the last one year or so [new people, better environment, etc], I still feel that i am not upto anything good or great. I feel, i am not putting any of my efforts at all for some greater good or for achieving something. :(

At times saying, Life is boring, Life has become a routine, looking at my everyday work and if weekend starts, going for movies and tasting various restaurants around, worrying frequently with friends about not having gal friends.. Is this all that i can do or i can worry about ?

Ahem ahem.. Coming to the point for which i started typing this post.
I got this nice stuff from my best, which i wanted to share with everyone.
Please do try reading this one.

The Top 200 Secrets of Success and the Pillars of Self-Mastery
- By Robin S Sharma

And let me see, if i can find any change in the way i look at things and doing stuffs.

Friday, August 03, 2007

In 2 years.

How much changes can you see in persons in 2 years ?
Here are 2 snaps, of me and my roomies.. Check that out.. :)

2 years before

A recent snap