Saturday, August 11, 2007

200 Secrets.

Quite sometimes back, when i started blogging, and i was in a kind-of a bad state, i remember writing a post about Meaning of Life. I am not very sure whether that post was a crap or made any sense at all to people .

Though things in my life has changed a quite better from those final days of my College, and particularly for the last one year or so [new people, better environment, etc], I still feel that i am not upto anything good or great. I feel, i am not putting any of my efforts at all for some greater good or for achieving something. :(

At times saying, Life is boring, Life has become a routine, looking at my everyday work and if weekend starts, going for movies and tasting various restaurants around, worrying frequently with friends about not having gal friends.. Is this all that i can do or i can worry about ?

Ahem ahem.. Coming to the point for which i started typing this post.
I got this nice stuff from my best, which i wanted to share with everyone.
Please do try reading this one.

The Top 200 Secrets of Success and the Pillars of Self-Mastery
- By Robin S Sharma

And let me see, if i can find any change in the way i look at things and doing stuffs.


Anonymous said...

what sort of books do you read? movies you watch? try watching some of these movies

fuck your friends whenever they complain that you lack something in life.

Vignesh Kumar said...

:) Will try to watch those movies..
Books, I have 2 start reading.. [We are supposed to Read/Write 60%/40%, But i am doing 30%/70% :(. Will try to change this]

And sorry, nobody has complained me anything :)

Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy !

Sharath said...

worrying frequently abt not havin gal frens ?? hmm interestin :) btw me too bloggin .. its fun da :) to jus pour out !!

venk said...

"greater good" ????
I know where that phrase came from :)

Vignesh Kumar said...

And i saw your blog yday itself..
Good job done :)

He he he :D
And from when are u having this blank page, Huh..
Start writing something soon..

Vigneshwar said...

nice book :)
btw who gave u that book ?

Uma said...

>> worrying frequently with friends >> about not having gal friends..

oho.. ;-) worrying so much that you dont have gal friend?? ;-)