Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Ship which never sinks...

I got up so late today.. I din't have my breakfast.. I saw this program on TV.. I went for this movie.. I had a great time there.. I went for shopping here.. I bought this..

and the dialogue continues over phone or in watever mode of communication.. So, everybody around us does share and confide our everyday happenings to our dear ones.. It can even be our mom/dad or family members.. But many people does share a lot more things with people other than their family members.. Yeah, they share with their friends.. We can assume that each and everybody in this world would atleast have one person with whom he/she confide things, at any point of time in their life, though that person can keep on changing..

Friendship, yeap that is the relationship that can do wonders in one's life.. The ship which can never sink ?? The feeling that can't be expressed in words.. When you get that warmth of holding your friend's arms, resting on his/her shoulders, You can achieve a lot more things in this world.. That feel good factor can bring in a lot more better results, progress and achievements in your life.. When you share your joyous moments, your problems, your success, your failure with them you feel lighter and much more happier..

But !! At times, even this wonderful relationship can even cause pain and make you feel bad or worst or whatever.. May be because of several reasons, and one reason might be that he/she couldn't always understand the 100% of you.. !!!

Still, everybody in this world can find a person.. and the friendship with that person can never ever sink.. And that person is none other than you to yourself.. Yeap, there can't be a person who can understand the 100% of you other than yourself.. Only you can be the best ever friend to you, when you start loving yourself.. when you start identifying the inner of yourself..

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Vigneshwar said...

kalangippona kuttai madhiri irukkudhu :p

Thyagarajan Delli said...

ரொம்ப feel பண்ணி எழுதிருக்கே. புல் அரிக்குது