Thursday, March 22, 2007

India !!!

Does it look like India or Vindia ??
Whatever it might look like,
but am keeping my fingers crossed for tomoro's match of India..
Come on Indiaaaaa !!!!!


Vigneshwar said...

it looks neither like india nor Vindia. It looks like vipdia.
poor ambigram. vetti post

Vignesh Kumar said...

Thanks for that comment.. :D

I have done some loads of Ambigrams in my Home comp during this Ugadi vacation..

Will be releasing one by one.. ;-)

Kannu avunju ponaal atharku naan porupu illa..
He he he :D

Vigneshwar said...

Its a general human tendency that if something comes out very well, people do it repeatedly. it produces nothing more than an ennui :p. Try something captivating ;).

Vignesh Kumar said...

Konjam overu.. Huhhhhh !!!
:X :X