Saturday, February 10, 2007

The battle continues...!!!

Its beens quite some time, since i have updated my space with things that are happening around.. Actually, i am not having that exuberance to pen down things these days.. :( Though somehow overcoming my laziness, am gonna scribble something in this post..

Life isn't going so dry.. Amidst many good things happening around, there are also some battles going aside.. :P

  • Our company Mega Party went on by Jan 24th, which also brought the Super Six series to an end.. It was a week of total enjoyment, with picking up some good news around.. ;)
  • On the long weekend of Jan26-28, we atlast went for the Ramoji Film City over here in Hyd, we didn't actually enjoy the day, as all of us got tired and hoping to return home soon..
  • Its been End Of Season Sale here, and in wherever direction you see, there will be a SALE UPTO 50% board hanging outside every shop.. And i myself couldn't control, and shopped a lot in the past 1 week.. :)
  • I saw 2 movies over last 1 week, Parzania and Black Friday, there a lot of similarities in both of them, watching movies made out of real stories/incidents has always been an interest to me.. And also we see very less movies of this kind in Indian Cinema.. Nice movies to say, but both of them weren't welcomed much.. with Parzania not able to reach the theatres in Gujarat.. And Black Friday reached theatres after 2 years of time.. Ooh.. :'(
  • Its February, and its time for all those investment details submission, blah blah.. the work which i hate to do.. :'( Still strugggled and opened a PPF a/c atlast last week.. Ooff, wat a great job i have done.. :)

So, what is that the battle that is continuing, i havn't told anything about that.. :'(

Till next post,


Thyagarajan Delli said...

I'm eagerly waiting for the fight thingy..

Vignesh Kumar said...

Haloo.. Wat u doing ?
You can write da.. :)