Thursday, October 04, 2007

@ times & @ other times

I've always felt that soothing experience while scribbling something here in my blogspace, when i feel or think that i am in a somewhat bad state of mind. But, can the layout/template change of my space alienate me from writing whatever that i wished to ? I am afraid i don't know, except that i decided just to cry out!

At times, I have felt that everybody around me are trying to put up a big nice play and that i should go far beyond the reach of any human touch or smell, and sit alone, and enjoy that loneliness.
At other times, I have enjoyed being with my dear and near ones, being missed and missing people.

At times, I have felt extremely sad even amidst sitting a bunch of enjoying people.
At other times, I have enjoyed beyond the limit by spending time with those, and even when i was alone.

At times, I have felt extremely disappointed and felt extremely sad that people didn't even try to reach my expectations, my feelings and sensations.
At other times, I have happily accepted the way they are and enjoyed even those particular behaviors of them.

At times, I have felt jealous of other's work, intelligence and successes.
At other times, I have felt the joy from deep inside my heart about my dear and near one's milestones and talents.

I've always wondered time and again, how much ratio of the weight i have given for these @times and @other times in my life, has it been 50~50 or 70~30 or .. ?? I am not sure though, but I could have made things better, or can make things better if i can march towards a 30~70 or 10~90 ratio ?!

On a completely unrelated note,
I've bought a new bike, owing to the following facts :
  • Our office has been shifted to a new bigger and better building, not only that but also at a faraway distance from where we live.
  • We didn't even imagine about searching for a new house near our office, as we didn't wish to end up paying the rent which we give for our 3BH, for a single BH in that posh Jubliee hills area.
  • Last but not the least, I can never more beg for more than 20 or 30 autowallahs, in various languages and with various facial expressions before i get one. I've even come across certain guys, who just shook their heads, before even i start opening my mouth. Oooof!

On an other unrelated note,
I was extremely touched seeing for the 2nd time, but for a puccah censored version of 7G Rainbow Colony on Oct 2nd, thanks to Sun TV. But, don't ask me whether Gandhiji would have been touched seeing all those colorful and nice special programs being relayed amidst tight competitions, on his birthday, from heaven! ;-)


venk said...

Thats a nice outpour.
Though am wondering what made you write this suddenly, I am able to get what you are saying.

Vigneshwar said...

hmmm... vara vara nee romba polamba arambichuta.. i dont know the reason though

Vignesh Kumar said...

Thanks, And don't assume anything yourself, I'm not sure though what you are guessing :( May be, i would say its due to something that happened yday :P

Nope, you're wrong. Its been a very looong time since I've polambified. Huh Huh!

venk said...

Ninna kelbeku anukonde. So wednesday yenayithu. Yaak neen ashtu feel aagi
blog baredhe ?

venkata said...

Good Blog da.... I liked it much(the first part)...
And ithu en first comment.. yaarunu theriyathu nu nenaikaren.. (Venkataramanan, called by friends as Ramana.. ;-) )

Vignesh Kumar said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by, and thanks for your comment too :-)

Keep visiting!