Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Searching for the meaning of Life ??!!

Hi all..
Meeting u ppl again with neither sad nor happy mood.. The days are rolling as usual, and i have started taking the things as it come, not feelin sooo bad or soo happy about the happenings around me..

Ok lemme come to the topic of this blog..
Why are we living..? For whom we are living..? What is the meaning of Life..? Why are we sent down the earth here..? WHO AM I..?
These are the sort of questions which i try to find answers for myself, and will get confused n sit a corner.. So do most of us or atleast some of us..

Have we achived the goal for wat we have been given our Life.. Donno..
And one more thing, tat one of my friends used to tell me, when i was tryin to tell him tat i miss somebody.. n he started sayin like.. You should always be aware that U ARE ALONE, there s nobody who wll come with u till the end of ur Life, even ur parents, spouse, children.. nobody wll be there till the end of ur journy in Life.. and so u shud always keep in mind that u r alone and try to experience the same...

But, am not even goin to take a single thing from his sayin.. as in my point of view Life s not something like tat... n lemme put up this..

When u feel depressed, feel bad or watever it may by ( plainly in computer language, (!Happy) ), its al coz of u r worryin too much abt urself, ur future, ur wealth, blah blah...

But, Life is something, tat shud be lived for others.. When u start doing this we wll feel the inner of urself, and everythin wll luk gud n gr8 to u..
If u even do a small help to some person (who u don even know...), it wll make tat person feel like heaven which in turn wll give u all wat u want...

If u startin livin for others, n if u start helpin small small things to ppl who dont expect from u... then tats Life n start enjoyin it.. :)

Sorry, for too much of thathuvams.. in this blog..
meet u all again with something gud n coool next time..
with a very happy mood...

tata.. :)


Anonymous said...

why r v living - To eat(3times) and sleep(12 hrs)
For whom r v living - ??? (pls google it)
What is the meaning of life - The charateristic state or condition of a living organism (
why are we sent down the earth here - to dig a well??
WHO AM I - jackie chan??!!

If u need more results pls google with keyword
"Searching for the meaning of life??!!"

juz kidding...nice one..

Seshu said...

hey stupid,
I guess u have taken that statement in the wrong sense.
"You should always be aware that U ARE ALONE, there s nobody who wll come with u till the end of ur Life, even ur parents, spouse, children.. nobody wll be there till the end of ur journy in Life.. and so u shud always keep in mind that u r alone and try to experience the same..."

There will be some point in your life time that u will be all alone. may be the chances are more in ur old age. I didnt mean that u should be living an isolated life in this world without even interacting with other ppl. what all i meant is that "If u have a stomack pain can anyone in this world take that pain from u..and keep it with them" i said those words in this perspective only..

vasanth said...
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vasanth said...

dai jingly... what happened to u da... till yesterday u where ok only na... dont think tooo much of anything... u r the one who help others da...

u have expressed ur emotions well in this blog... continue :)

Anonymous said...

If i shud go by asheeds way then i wud say " Life is an English Word" :) I know that wud a crap :)

"What is life?" Let it be whatever you want it to be....jus live it man.

- Chandramohan

nearfar said...

Solitude is not loneliness.

vigneshkumar said...

Hey Asheed dog,
Besides eating and sleeping u dont know anything else.. vetti dog.. huh.. [juz kidding] :)

vigneshkumar said...

Hi Sesh...
I dint take ur statement in the wrong sense.. I have mentioned tat stmt too, but wat i wanted to convey is at last.. ta ta..

vigneshkumar said...

Hi Vasanth,
Am tryin to be Ok only.. nothing happend to me.. these r juz things which i felt, n which i thought of bloggin.. thnx fr ur comment.. :)

vigneshkumar said...

Hi Chandru,
nicely said ['juz live it'].. n tats wat am also tryin to say.. thnz fr ur comment.. ;)

Santhosh K.R. said...

You cannot find the meaning of life unless you start living it:-)

Anonymous said...

Take good care of your keyboard. It has got a strange psychosomatic disease and forgets to type an 'i' when preceded by a 'w' and followed by 2 'l's.


vigneshkumar said...

Hi pirama...
I feel so so sooo happy tat u ve commented, first of all read some scrap i ve written over there.. n u ve tried sayin something in ur comment, i can only literally understand the meanin..(i hv used to tat wll nowadays)..but hv u tried sayin something more than tat.. am still bein the same DUMBASS.. da... :( 'coz am like tat.. n nothing can b done abt tat..

Prathiba said...

Hi Vignesh,

If u even do a small help to some person (who u don even know...), it wll make tat person feel like heaven which in turn wll give u all wat u want...

Which literally means that we help others only for the satisfaction it gives us.Not for anything else or anyone else.

The truth is we cannot live for anyone. We have a life so that we can "LIVE" our "LIFE". Nobody else can live for us, coz its our life. Similarly we cannot live for others ,claiming to be so, is just the folly of humans.

We are an individual ,and we should be proud that we are alone.
Regarding the other questions that ou have i too am searching for answers to the same.
Also nobody else can answer your questions to "yuorself"
All the best in knowing the truth about your existence.


vigneshkumar said...

Hi Sridhar..
Oru variyila nachunu edho solli irukka.. hmmm.. ??!!

Anonymous said...

gr8... really gr8... I am seeing my self in u( a year before i was too like this ...pondering and searching answers for those philosophical questions...)

You could never get answers for these question unless u live ur life ( as no one knows and no ones answers will be pleasing for u...)

My understanding of life till this point of time (I beleive many religions convey this...)"try to be helpful to others as far as u can"...( cant be followed always... we are always selfish)... helping others in this way to get a feeling of goodness is again a selfish thought :)...( ok let me stop my aruvai... )

Its great that u have found the answer urself...Cheer up buddy... u are learning what life is from ur trauma...( may be thats y u have faced all these trauma... hahaha...sounding philosophical...)

Cheer up and starting living ur life...( and dont let ur left hand know wht ur right hand does...)...try hard u will beleive oneday that "u are good and nothing bad can happen to u" (This is enough for today's session...;)

...hope u could have found which dog has written all these vetti aruvai by now...if not getLost()

Anonymous said...

Hey.. I was just kidding. And, dumb***!!! watch your language.. there are ladies around huh!

If u startin livin for others,...

what is the scope of "living for others"? if you mean social life, you may be happy. But, in a monetary sense, you will be bankrupt.


nearfar said...

Survival is the basic instinct. If you read about biological (and psychological) evolution, you will yourself find that all questions destined to find the meaning of life itself are meaningless.

Understanding requires diligent meditation and comtemplation.

All the best.

nearfar said...

As someone else mentioned in the comments, whatever you do is only for your happiness. To help others means, you are seeking the sense of satisfaction in it. Again psychological survival is playing the ultimate role here.

vigneshkumar said...

Hi prathi..
nice thought.. as most of us has thought tat ur reply make some sense.. am not gonna oppose.. pothumaa.. :) [meaning i do accept tat..]

vigneshkumar said...

Hi Sridhar..
Thanks for all your comments da.. feel nice to read all.. :)

vigneshkumar said...

Hey pirama..
Tats not a very bad language.. enna bayamuruthaadhaa.. :(

Anyways, thnx a lot fr commenting.. :)

Uma said...

I perfectly agree with you..I am also trying to learn the meaning of life!!!

vigneshkumar said...

Hey uma..
Nice to see u over these vetti web space.. thanks for ur comment.. Keep visiting.. U also start writing something.. :-)

Rams said...

As some hav rightly pointed, it is ultimately the helper's ego that is getting satisfied out of the kind act...

Gud that the search has begun...But one' own assumptions will only create a mirage and won't take one anywhere...

A technique (meditation is one such powerful technique) is required to figure out the answers. Let me know if you are interested...I can show you the door to one such, from which I benefitted.

vigneshkumar said...

Hi anna, gotto see ur comment very late..
Happy tat u hv visited my space..
Meditation ?? Hmm.. still not into tat.. Wll surely ask u abt the things, wen i need..

Thnx for dropping by anna..