Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I love...

I love...

.. to watch my mom/sis putting kolam
.. to play stupid flash games in my home comp.
.. to play some very old games (naalu sozhi, pallanguzhi) wid my sis, cousins ;)

.. to watch NDTV 24x7 (any time)
.. watching KBC
.. Jo [ love to watch Ra..Ra.. infinite times]
.. anything coming from Maniratnam & ARR combination

.. the telugu script
.. also hearing somebody speaking telugu as long as they dont kill it

.. doing window shopping
.. RIG shirts
.. only boot-cut jeans

.. to cook
.. eating tomato lays ;-)
.. my mom's [ crab fry + fish curry ] combo :)
.. chocolates :D [perk, munch]

.. anything that Google releases
.. to work in Mircosoft's IDE
.. WIKI concept [ Wikipedia is my favourite ]
.. blog hopping
.. killing my time by going thru reddit links
.. to chat with the next cabin person over Gtalk (and that too voice chat)
.. the font 'Trebuchet MS' [the current one :P]

.. to live in Harry Potter world
.. creating Ambigrams

And above all..
I love you, who have managed to read this stupid post till the very end.. :D

Till next post,

P.S. : I serioulsy got sick of today's work, and barely wanted to relax and make some stupid post.. Plssssss adjuz :)


Vigneshwar said...

Hey i read your blog completely

Vignesh Kumar said...

Ha ha ha :D

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

Real cool bullet points.