Monday, October 08, 2007

2nd Season & 2nd Sensation

For those of you who missed to watch, here is the video clip of those dramatic final moments of the sensational episode of Jodi No.1 (Season 2) in Vijay TV, with hot and sensational talks between Simbhu, Prithvi and Venkat too which finally ended up in getting the rocking Riyaz-Prithvi pair to be eliminated themselves!


smart said...

Cool Video...

Simbu Rocks..

Espescially, the dialog...

"Innaiku elminate aaga porathu yaaruna... Simbu..."

Ha.. Ha.. Ha..

D said...

that's my voice in the background!!

Julian said...

A well crafted drama with great acting prowess in display from the likes of simbu , babloo etc..,

Reality shows are giving tuf competition for mega serials :)

Vignesh Kumar said...

Ha ha ha..
I'm not very sure about babloo acting, but others might have made this pair to do whatever that has happened.
I read an article saying, this pair even participated in the next remix round, but later seeing this particular episode only they quit..

Ennamo, Vijay TV did make a big sensation, and taking this particular issue as talk of the town for almost 2 weeks..

What can we do, except simply watching and enjoying all these.. ;-)