Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dev. Team Vs QA

Its hightime that i am making such a post.. I will try to make generic views and points (assuming things are being the same in most of the IT firms) about this very common Dev Vs QA `issue'.. :)

These are the general mistakes/wrong attitude that Testers and Developers do/have, and which is the main cause for most of the problems between them. Here we go :

Testers used to
  • raise issues/bugs which don't even come under the specs/requirement.
  • not feel/understand about the exact `User Base' of the application they are testing.
  • somehow want to increase the counts of the bugs/issues they raise, and so they do raise some stupid silly issues. And this can take out the good impression on QA in the Developers mind, which can affect at times, when the testers raise genuine high priority bugs.
  • face problems, due to improper communication with the Developers.

Developers used to
  • think great of the work they do, take upper hand over the testers, and don't respond properly to the Testers.
  • say stupid excuses to the Testers for the issues they raised, rather than looking deep into the issue and fixing that.
  • get annoyed about the questions/clarifications, specs and requirements that they need to convey to the Testers.
  • obviously get annoyed, when too many bugs are raised in the code part that they did. [ its a very natural feeling in every developers mind ]

So, who won this war between the Dev and QA. Nobody won, though the Product they both working on can lose atlast. Yeah, the fact is that all these resources from both Dev Team and QA Team are working towards a bug-free, efficient Product. So, if they start think about their Product's efficiency/performance and forgetting all their ego and stuffs.. There won't be people shouting !! Isn't it ?

Enjoy coding & testing. :)
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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Boredom !!!

Being a software professional, I have heard many people in my field saying that they are feeling bored about their daily routine work and doing some mundane things.. I would ask one thing to them,
You are brushing your teeth everyday, you are taking bath everyday !! Are you feeling bored about that ? Nope !!
So, what is that feeling thats making us to report like this ? I don't know. IT is the field in which we can use our creativity/innovation to make even our routine work more fun and enjoyable.. You won't be getting bored on anything which you love and do.. Isn't it ? You can shift projects/companies.. etc etc too

Have we ever thought how our parents/others have moved/killed their time in their [government] offices sitting amidst some large group of files, papers, ledgers etc etc.. Ooof, how hard their life would have been.. But what is our (s/w professionals) environment..
  • A nice air cooled atmosphere
  • A computer with 24x7 internet connection in office
  • A computer/A Laptop/Blackberry in home
  • And we are online all the time in our messengers etc etc
  • Apart from recreating in social networking sites
  • Listening to music, watching videos and working
  • Having soft drinks/cold coffee/tea etc etc in the middle
Wow, So even after being given with all these we feel that we are bored in our life & work.. :) Yeah at time even i do feel like that.. So what will i be doing at all those times..
  • Go to my next cabin person place, Sit, Chat ?!! ;)
  • Go to cafeteria, and play a game of fuz ball !!
  • Go to motta maadi, and do a vetti chat !!
  • Torture somebody in the intranet chat :P
  • Starting/appending to some hot/long running mail threads
  • Above all, writing such a crappy post and torturing u all ;-)
So there are ways through which you can kill your boredom moments, make fun out of those.. and keep enjoying.. :) Keep yourself extremely busy, so that you won't even care or spend time to worry or think about anything else..

Okie.. Okie.. Am stopping here.. :P
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PS: I am making this post on an extremely busy day.. I can't further explain about how busy i am, since thats something confidential.. :P

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Movie 5 (OotP) [ Trailer ]

International Trailer

Theatrical Trailer

Its awesome, but the sound track isn't that good when compared to the Teaser Trailer. And am not sure whether this will become the best of the HP series movies. But my expectations are building higher because of the fact that, the last 20 minutes of the movie is gonna be in 3D in IMAX screens.. Ooooh, I just can't wait.. :)

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Java !!

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Ship which never sinks...

I got up so late today.. I din't have my breakfast.. I saw this program on TV.. I went for this movie.. I had a great time there.. I went for shopping here.. I bought this..

and the dialogue continues over phone or in watever mode of communication.. So, everybody around us does share and confide our everyday happenings to our dear ones.. It can even be our mom/dad or family members.. But many people does share a lot more things with people other than their family members.. Yeah, they share with their friends.. We can assume that each and everybody in this world would atleast have one person with whom he/she confide things, at any point of time in their life, though that person can keep on changing..

Friendship, yeap that is the relationship that can do wonders in one's life.. The ship which can never sink ?? The feeling that can't be expressed in words.. When you get that warmth of holding your friend's arms, resting on his/her shoulders, You can achieve a lot more things in this world.. That feel good factor can bring in a lot more better results, progress and achievements in your life.. When you share your joyous moments, your problems, your success, your failure with them you feel lighter and much more happier..

But !! At times, even this wonderful relationship can even cause pain and make you feel bad or worst or whatever.. May be because of several reasons, and one reason might be that he/she couldn't always understand the 100% of you.. !!!

Still, everybody in this world can find a person.. and the friendship with that person can never ever sink.. And that person is none other than you to yourself.. Yeap, there can't be a person who can understand the 100% of you other than yourself.. Only you can be the best ever friend to you, when you start loving yourself.. when you start identifying the inner of yourself..

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