Friday, May 25, 2007

M bids adieu !

There are certain personalities, with whom even if you have moved for hardly a week or two you will feel that you have got through with them for years. M, is one of a kind.

The one person, whom i have admired, i have liked, i have wanted to work with, in my company is M. She was in the interactive design team serving for almost every application thats being built, so there won't be a person in our firm without knowing her. And everybody here does like her for the way she interact and work, but she had her own life for paintings, and so she got to start off from here. And today is her last working day in office. :(

I might have worked with her for hardly a month, during the UI revamp phase of our application, and i completely enjoyed the way we worked out things. I learned a lot from her, she inspired me a lot, such that i myself started thinking hard in new user interactive designs and stuffs, and i just loved implementing them too. I liked the way she interacts with us.. Some of her typical phrases, which i like to hear again and again..
  • `You monkey !!, What did you do to my files ??' [Even chimpanzee at times]
  • `Who did this ??!! :)' [ typical phrase when she used to have a look at her interface, she loved our interface more than anything ]
  • And the typical sentences that she tries in tamil, `Po laam va.., enna panra nee..'
"You should love and enjoy the work you do to the maximum extent". I felt this only while working with her.. I can't forget the day, when we both were trying to solve a CSS issue in Firefox, spending almost 3 hours.. and hoping it will work, every time we try something different. And at last my team mate came to her cabin, and told casually that she fixed that already.. :)

I will miss those days.. :'(


Vigneshwar said...

When i first saw the letter M i thought someone else till i encountered the word 'She' in the fifth line [:p]

yeah your are true.. we always learn a lot from our colleagues... though i worked only 7 months with mouli i learned a lot from him...

smart said...

I understand its not so easy and it would be difficult ...
But dont worry.. Time has got cure for anything.. its miraculous...

and, I had a very strong belief in Evolution theory, Some day, you would become a man out of Monkey (more likely chimpanzee)

Vignesh Kumar said...

Huhhhh !!!!!

Romba kozhups unakku.. :D
Thanks for dropping by..

smart said...

D & G were there in all walk of life..

"M" la aarambicha.. Next.. D & G... ippadiyae pona.. ABCD thavira edhuvumae irukadhu...

Two suggestion for you...
1) Pls change name instead of Alphabets..
D for Dravid/Divya (:-).. G for Gavaskar/Godavari

2) make it up as a story, that would be more interesting..