Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thanks !!

Hi all..

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Today[1st June 2006] is my Last Day in Verizon, and am making this post from my System which i wont be using in few more minutes.. am trying not to make this post too sentimental..

Yeah.. am leaving Verizon, as i got another offer.. and ther are times when u think u got a happy news, u wll also end up gettin another sad one.. Both of them come together tats Life, and we cant do anything abt tat..

I would like to share only one thing..
Yesterday[31st May 2006] is one of the most memorable day in my Life..

Its around 4 45, wen i was asked to come to the cafteria in the 2nd floor.. i saw a bunch of around 50 ppl standing, around a big cake in the middle with 2 gift packs.. all the leads from the modules in my Proj.. and the director himself was waiting ther... I was wordless.. and stood stunnd.. lookin at them..

Those ppl have put their efforts for around a weeks time, and made tat moment rememberable.. those 2 framed slam sheets with several cute stars/pics ornamenting tat frame.. and above the gr8 words of all my friends and leads... no words wer coming out of my mouth... i stood amidst them..

I would like to thank all of them for their love/carin..
This blog space s ther for us in Keep in touch..



nearfar said...

Manage yourself to become a peak lovable personality! ;)

Vadivel said...

I am not too sure whether you got a chance to check my response to your last mail in VZ :) So is this post.

The best thing I like in you (for the limitied period I know you) is you were understanding things pretty quickly, willing learn new stuffs and was staying cool always. Don't change these qualities / characteristics. This would surely take you still further up in your career.

All the very best.

vigneshkumar said...

Am soooo happy so to see ur comment.. Yeah i missed to see ur reply on tat Final Day... Wen somebody was telling me tat u wer replying to my mail.., I felt so bad tat i cudnt see tat, and also cudnt meet u on tat final day..

Thanks a lot for ur wishes and advice.. Feeling nice.. :)

I can never forget the days in VZ.. Thanks a lot for ur encouragement.. myself and asheed learnt a lot from u during tat short period of time.. :)

Thnx again.. Bye.. :)