Saturday, May 27, 2006

@ Verizon !! [Part I]

Hi all..

Am in my final days @ Verizon, so juz thought of remembering back the path tat i hv made in VZ and in this blog am gonna write about my experiences, evergreen memories in.. Verizon..

Yeah, it was on 22nd June 2005, wen i entered into tat gr8 hall in GRT Grand days, Chennai.. for the induction programme of my first company, VZ.. Anything which happens first in ur Life, wll always be in ur mind till the end.. Nothing else can override it.. :)

If am correct, i think there were around some 250 ppl in tat hall.. Was initially nervous and surprised abt the crowd.. But its always cool if u r amidst a big bunch of ppl.. u wll always feel better.. So, i thought i can collect more number of pals.. and it happend too..

Those starting 1 week, wer really very very coool.. with tat GRT Lunch, Break time [especially] and I loved tat Communication Courses tat took place in tat Shelter Beach Resort in the ECR Road.. It was so exciting with that new set of ppl, doing some funny-cool team building tasks.. I still remember that way Vascoth build tat Tower, designing smartly n built with those vermicellies, fruits, nuts, gems.. n things..

It was the final day of those General Training courses, wen we wer sorted out for the Projects.. I saw those expectations and other things that sparkled among several faces over there.. I myself got a bit nervous.. wen my name was announced under the Proj IOBI/WEB...

We wil be having some 40 days of training in the respective places.. hr was announcing.. and for our grup which had some 30 ppl.. we r supposed to take training in OOAD, HTML, JavaScript, .NET.. and the training took place in Hotel Shelter Resort, Mylapore..

This period is the most rememberal for me in VZ.. The quality of the Training was at the top.. it was Venkat Krishnan, who inspired me lot... in his spontaneous answers to the questions and the way he explains the things r superb.. Let it be on one side.. I was one amongst those who made use of the "net send" command to a greater extent.. n i enjoyed those days like anything..

We used to change our Host Name daily, and start sending messages thru net send.. the ulitmate thing tat happend was the Cows and Bulls game tat we played in net send.. I myself started for one four letter word.. and i remember arjun confusing others by sending stupid guesses.. and clues.. which conflict my clues..

The travel in 5B bus, the evening time spent in the Library kiosk in Viceroy Building [as we stayed juz opposit to the Company Building].. during the Training Period wer memorable..

It was during our Trainin Period, we had our Family Day function n we wer very excited abt tat.. It was in Chennai Trade Centre, a crowd of around 3000 ppl.. the employees and their family members.. And the Host was none other than the Mirchi Suchi.. I was like enjoyin the day with the drums by Shiva mani.. except tat the food was not tat gud.. And finally the function ended with ppl dancin around like anything to the most favourite songs tat wer played.. i still enjoy the way Seshadri danced in the crowd.. ha ha ha..

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Srini said...

Hmm.. even I'm recollecting. Nice were those days.

I guess, i didnt know u much on those times, except for a couple of conversations we had on editing a Web DataGrid :) However, one thing was obvious.. the entire set sniffed the geniousness in you even by that time. You have a gr8 life ahead man. All the Best :)

Seshu said...

Hey Vicky,

Malarum ninaivugal.. As srini has commented, many didn't know u durin d trainin period.. U were wid Sesha most of d time.. Didn't get a chance to talk to u much..

Sathvanth said...

Hi Vignesh. Sorry to barge in your blog.Nice to read ur experiences at verizon. I might join verizon soon. I get annoyed at having to give my camera mobile out is it only for visitors? Cos u have written abt ur 6600. can employees tk the camera mobile in?
Once again. sorry that i barged in.

vigneshkumar said...

Hi.. Employees are also not allowed to take Camera mobiles inside the company.. But this restriction came very recently.. And those things happend b4 tat..