Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New Place.. New Faces.. New Environment..!!

Hi all..
After some break.. am back again.. makin one more vetti post.. :)
Am in a new place nw, in a new environment and amongst too many new faces.. Its natural tat u get to feel a lot, for missing the very gold olden memories tat u hav crossed by.. But still u need to adhere to the new environments u go by.. as life s always dynamic n not static.. and u donno wer u wll b tomoro, u donno with whom will u b tomoro.. and u cud hv never imagined u r with somebody today..

And we hv to always cope up with that juice of dynamism in life.. though it pricks us too much.. for tat we need to be a dynamic personality.. and tats wat am tryin to be..

Am not sure, wether am makin any sense out of this post..
Am juz writing watever am experiencing in the days tat are passing by.. and nothing else more than tat... :)

So, possibly i wll come up with a meaningful post next time.. and not irritate u ppl too much..



Prathiba said...

Hey Vicky,

Even we miss you. But as you said, go with the tide. Become the dynamic person you yearn to be.
All the best da..
And this post is not vetti. It does make sense... :)

vigneshkumar said...


Danks for ur comment.. Days are passing by, and i guess am gonna get into some routine mechanical life from nw on.. But no worries.. Watever let it be.. But i wll always find sometime to meet u ppl soooon.. :)

nearfar said...

The Miracle of Mindfulness. My recommendation.

Srini said...

Sure da, meet u soon. I'm sure u'd rock the new place.

'Juice of Dynamism' was a nice phrase. I liked it.

Also, vettinu solli, enna honor pannadula romba sandosham da :)

vigneshkumar said...

Good Marketing.. He He He.. :D
Danks.. :)

Danks fr the comment da..
Wll try to make it there fr the function da..

vasanth said...
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vasanth said...

jingly in this post u appear to be very matured da... ;)

Anonymous said...

i too miss you too much da..


vigneshkumar said...

Heeyyyyy, thnx a lot da vasco.. :)
Feelin happy.. [:)]

vigneshkumar said...

Is tat Tintin ???? Commenting under tat name ??? I can only map u to tat name 'Kalaivani'.. [:)] Btw do u like tat name very much or the person herself ???