Tuesday, May 30, 2006

@ Verizon !! [Part III]

Hi all..
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It was in the Viceroy Building i spent most of my time in VZ..
Initially we dint like our new places in the new building, as we thought there s no much freedom, compared to our prev work place where only freshers crowded the environment and no tortures frm higher officials.. :) But as the days started rolling.. we got used to tat environment.. we started loving tat place.. :)

A gang of 7 ppl.. Sam, Prathiba, Marina, Asheed, Arjun, Ramu.. We spent our times together during break times, lunch time [we used to chat like anything n laughin.. teasin each other.. makin fun..].. and the evening tea time [ wen Sam or Prat, atleast one of them wll show their geth before joinin us.. tellin they hv wrk.. ha ha ha..].. Watching Cricket matches in the Cafeteria TV.. :) It was all fun time..

I remember a day, wen we all teased Prathiba.. and she started crying.. I realized tat she s a very sensitive girl.. but we never stopped teasing her frm then on.. Bullying her increased wen the days moved on.. and we [Me and Motta] juz enjoyed making fun out of her.. Apart from being sensitive, she is very emotional and kind towards her friends circle.. It was she, who made me to start writing blogs.. And most of our team-mates started the same, apart frm doing vetti-chats in SameTime, Bloggin is another good time-passing rite..

It was on 23rd December, my birthday, and these ppl gave me an excellent shirt as a gift.. and it was selected by Prathiba.. She herself, asked everybody to comment on the shirt and felt happy inside at everyones comment.. The childishness inside her was the main reason, tat she got a seperate place in everybody's mind in our gang.. :)

Teasing dint stop with Prathiba alone.. it continued to Arjun being teased with a diff Proj girl's', Sam being teased with an unimaginable figure, Marina havin her own Vector List [ I shudnt write it though, she got married now.. But she s such a cool person, who takes things so easy..]

But with Sam, the things are diff.. We wont escape very easily from her, if we caught hold in her hands.. Watever in her hands [ rasam, juice, milk.. anything] will juz fly to the other side... n Arjun is the person, who adds fuel.. by makin Sam more vulnerable.. ha ha ha.. But she s not tat alone.. She can read minds.. She can easily get into the inner of other ppl.. She has a pretty clear mind set, she s so cool, confident.. Her words n speech can easily make u forgot abt ur worries.. in a second flash.. :)

Later 3 ppl joined our Viceroy Gang.. Ramkumar, Raja and Mercy.. We enjoyed the treat times, tat we spent with the ppl given by Remo and Ramkumar..

The worst day fr me in Viceroy/VZ.. It was a Saturday, and am not with these ppl.. am with my roommates, Santhosh and Venkates.. they are from different Projects.. and we juz came to company for browsing n other things.. Santhosh was browsing in the kiosk.. It was me and Venkates standing at the entrance of our Floor, before a Poster having the Logo of the Proj tat we wer workin on.. I was carrying my Nokia 6600, and i juz thought of having a Snap infront of tat Poster.. [We dont know abt certain things in advance, tat its wrong.. we shudnt take Snaps inside the company premises and so on.. ]

Am Standing, juz before the Poster, on top of me s the rotatin Camera controlled from the Security room at the ground floor [which i never knew at tat time].. n I havnt seen it rotatin b4 tat day.. I thought tat lightin is not tat gud, so juz tryin out certain switches near the entrance, and Suddenly the Camera in the roof starting rotating.. We dint realize tat its being controlled frm downstairs and the Security person are watching us wat doing.. and wer again floppin the switches so tat its stops rotating.. but it dint.. But I finally asked him to take the Snap.. And he s done with tat.. I saw the Rotatin Camera being stopped at a position and juz zoomin in Venkates.. I was feelin numb, and then only we started realizin something bad is gonna happen..

We called Santhosh, and started to get away from ther, we dint take the lift, and we went to the 2nd floor Cafeteria.. wen a Security Gaurd starting rushing towards us.. He was confirming wether we wer ppl there in the 3rd floor few min back.. We wer unable to say anything except nodding [ afterall they hv zoomed in to such an extent and recorded the entire drama...wat else can be done..] The Security was explaining abt the Rules and Regulations and then asking who took the Snap, Venkates volunteerd... [He dint luk at me for the first quest, as i luk like a pazham n a paavam guy.. he he he] but wen the question changed to whose Cell Phone is tat.. I was literally screwd up by that Guy.. He asked my name and then my EmployeeId.. I answered silently.. he wanted to confirm and juz caught hold of the Id card hangin out of my neck [after tat i used to keep tat in my pocket itself..:)] and asked me to Delete those Snaps immediately.. and he left the place.. I was feelin numb for the whole night... :(

But wen i explained the story to my gang ppl.. they started laughin and enjoyin the scenes.. Arjun in particular... :)

The days in Viceroy started rolling, wen i faced many good/happy moments and occasions.. and the sad ones too.. Several ppl stood besides me, consoling and advicing me at most of the occasions tat followed on.. We wer announced the date for moving to the new Building Olympia..

But the day, which was supposed to be my Last Day.. I wasnt ther, and many ppl dint know the real reason for tat too.. It all made me feel sensitive tat something is gonna happen..

So, wat happend after coming to Olympia.. in the next post..:)

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Seshu said...

Hey Vicky,

Nice to know ur experience at Viceroy..

For d ppl who read d comments, I would like to add dis info:

Vignesh s so patient to teach a very slow learner like me on a Sunday afternoon without any hesitation..

So, to d Vicky we all know,

Hats Off To You