Thursday, May 25, 2006

Software Engineers Vs Politicians

Hi all..

I hav come out of writing something personal.. And In this blog am gonna discuss abt some general topic, which still is much more related to ppl amongst our community..

In wat all disciplines, Software Engineers and Politicians hv certain things in common..

  • Both the profession have the gr8 gift of making up a large income, that one cant make it tat easily in any other profession..
  • The Only diff is tat most/some of them give their blood to hold the $bones$ being thrown frm foreign countries.. But the politcians suck the blood frm the local ppl and make out their money..
  • Though, the income they get in their hands does matter rite..

  • People in both of these professions barely need shift, as the time goes on..
  • Yeah, we cant see a person stayin in a single company for a long time, or a person sticking to a single Party for a long time..
  • But once they join a new company/party 'coz of the gr8 offers that the destination provides.. they used to talk bad of their sources and start talking gr88 abt their destinations...
  • I wll give my blood/soul for the party.. This party is my Life.. I wll work for it till the end of my Life.. [On the other side] This is a gr88, cooool company man.. I get this much in hand.. They are working in the topmost technologies.. I have got the most challenging work.. Wat else do I need.. blah blah..
  • [.. So not much differences in the dialogues too.. :)]
  • Only the ppl at the higher levels [Exec Directors and Party Presidents] in both the professions stick themselves to their places.. as they hav no other go.. and also they think they hav attained their peak position and the topmost level in making out money

No Self Satisfaction
  • The dialogues made by those ppl in both the domains, vanishes when the time moves on..
  • They wll come to know, tat this party/company is not much gr8 or watever so.. than the previous one... and start thinkin abt jumping again...

Finally Start You Own
  • So.. When wll this hoppin stops..
  • Finally, The ppl in Politics end up in Starting their Own New Party.. Ha ha ha.. n Earn to the max
  • The ppl in S/W industry end up in starting their Own New Company..

Failures and Success depends on the person alone and not on anything else..



nearfar said...

dude .. come to, where you can have private or friends-only (login to view) posts so that you need not post all in public and end up deleting some posts.

Anonymous said...

buddy....not all software enginner/ politician shift jst for money...there are many politician who have certain principles and join those party which would support his own principles...and again not all engineers shift for money...there are many who work for passion and shift to explore new grounds...
( u forgot to mention about the positive side of these people :( )

vigneshkumar said...

So who s this anonymous, who s so much worried 'coz i hv talked bad abt these ppl.. So r u a S/W Engineer or a Politician...

I juz wrote the things, but yeah i shud hv mentioned abt the +ve sides too.. Sorry tat i forgot..