Sunday, May 28, 2006

@ Verizon !! [Part II]

Hi all..

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In the previous post, I was writing about my initial days of Life in VZ... and was writing about my Trainin Period.. which is the best period which i had in VZ..

Final days in Trainin Period.. we came to know tat we have to move to the Alpha building [in Tnagar] where our systems have been configured and we have to start working on our Sample App.. And am not that much worried abt tat as its juz a Sample App.. tat we thought is not a big thing [in the beginning...]

The initial days in Alpha.. With ppl configuring their systems, installin reqd softwares... and getting used to the Local Chat..[ We used IBM's Sametime.. (I stil love this, for the reason tat it s only recreation we had at the times we r idle.. as we had internet restrictions, we cant anyway keep spending the time in browsing.. vetti sites..) ] and if ther s any possibility tat i can take the Chat transripts outside, then i wll feel in heaven.. but those Chats wll remain in my mind though.. and abt Mails i hv to say one thing, during my initial days i never opened any forwards, and i deleted them immediately.. Later i came to know, checkin forwards was one of the most important job tat every S/W Engineer will be doing in his career.. and i too changed myself.. :)

As a bunch of around 20 ppl, we went for break time, lunch n snacks times.. n we rocked tat place.. wen we wer given instructions abt the Sample App, i saw the nervousness in those faces grewing up.. they hv cleverly planned and made out the task..

We wer a group of 30 freshers in our project [considering the root node].. and on tat day morning we all assembled in a conference room.. and we all wer asked to pick up a lot, hmm.. it was to group our 30 members gang into 15-15.. Team A and Team B wer the names given by them.. the ppl who wer standin next to each other holdin their hands wer asked to stand facing each other in the appropriate gangs.. and the rivalry started [though not with all of us, atleast with some of us]

I was in Team B, and i volunteered to represent my Team.. If the other team goes to the conference room, we also rushed to some other, whether we r discussing abt proj or juz passin time.. it wll always happen.. And i remember, wen our Team booked a Conference Room from morning to evening, so tat they wont get into.. ha ha ha..

It was the high time, in our learning things n takin up things.. as we started tat proj from the scrap and did everything on our own.. the thing which added fuel to the fire, is the news tat we hv to show Demo to our Exec Director who is visiting India, and he will decide which Team's worker is good and tat one will be moved into Production.. and we hv to finish tat in 2 weeks time..

Hmmm.. its obvious after this news, that the ppl from both the Teams starting working like anything.. I remember that day, when i came to office at morning 6 30 wen no one was there in the entire floor and i only left around 2 30 at night.. It was the same with every others.. The other team members also put up gr8 effort, and we obviously copied each other in certain functionalities, we dont wanna miss out anythin.. and obviously there are spies in both the teams..

We njoyed a lot during Stats Meeting, which happens everyday at around 3 30 in the evening.. Tech Lead will be askin wen the things wll get over, so tat we can start testing.. and ppl start gigglin from both the sides.. both the sides, say some stupid things n we somehow escaped from those Status Meetings.. It was the time for us to get relaxed a bit..

And the final day has arrived, at the end of those hard 15 days.. We all wer nervous and keepin our fingers crossed.. at first Team A showed their Demo to the Exec Director, it was all Ok.. as they hv put their hard work in those 2 weeks time.. Next came our turn, and I started showing the Demo.. The Exec Director was impressed at the first shot and he commented the way this page s organized itself gets more points.. and the ppl in our team started praising Marina [Hw can i forget?] for her UI Design... and she finally got into the Usability Team.. And our Demo was over, they wer all very much excited abt our work and its quality which was completely in juz 15 days.. We wer all very happy tat our Team had done its best..

I was nearing my final days at the Alpha Building, i wanted to shift to the Viceroy Building [which is juz opposit to our house, and which takes me only a 2 min walk to get into my cabin frm my house..:)]

From those 30 ppl gang.. our group got reduced to a 7 member gang..
Rest of the koothu made in Viceroy in the next post..



Sreejith said...

Great post da. Thank you for writing down all the great memories and also for doing the major part of the work for team B too :)

Srini said...

Great post Vicky, once again.

And on the project and teams for the sample app, I swear.. many on Team A had nightmares becoz of u. Kudos to you and the team :)

I sincerely feel tat u deserve much higher place in life. Probably in the company which powers the OS we are running or the one which powers the entire Web itself, including our blogs :)

vigneshkumar said...

Thanks for droppin by da.. hope u r doing gud ther in Gurgoan..

Keep Visiting.. :)

Ur comments makin me feel so gud.. But aana toooo much ah ezhuthiyirukae.. so good of u da.. Thanks a lotttt.... :)

Seshu said...

Hey Vicky,

Thirumbavum malarum ninaivugal.. Its like goin bac in life to d Sample App time n experiencin it again da.. Too gud.. I still remember d times wher i used to ask Silly doubts n u xplainations.. U'll make a very good teacher da, sayin out of my experience.. How can we forget d day wher u came at 6.30 in d morn n left at 2.30 early morn,d next day.. think it was on a saturday or sunday..

Wil Miss U Man :)