Sunday, July 09, 2006

పోకిరి [Pokiri] !!!

Hi all..

Hmmm.. Pokiri, for those who are in Hyderabad wud hv known wat s tat all abt.. For Chennaities, i doubt !!!

Hmmm.. The major entertainment for most of the crowd over here in Hyd is watchin movies, movies and movies.. But still for ppl like me who r from Tamil Nadu [the only state in India, in which the ppl dont know any lang except Tamil/Eng.. huh..], we cant expect Tamil movies screened over here.. [Thou the case is very diff in Blore, which s very near to TN, and most of the population of the city contributes to Tamil ppl.. ]

Sooo, although ther r PVR Cinemas, IMAX and a very large number of decent theatres around here in Hyd, I cant anymore watch a Tamil movie in Theatres..... I wll continue watchin gud English movies, apart from tat...Hindi movies hmmm.. But still i prefer Telugu movies than Hindi... As am learnin Telugu frm my room-mate, and also i lost my hope in Hindi as am tryin it for years but cudnt get a grip on tat lang.. huh.... May b Telugu is a bit more like tamil and am havin confidence tat i cud make it up.....

So wat s the post all abt, and am blabbering something else... Hmm.. Pokiri is the first Telugu movie which i watched in the Theatre [this weekend], Mahesh Babu n Ilena bein the stars.. And i pretty much liked the movie, though i cudnt understand each and every dialogues.. My friends out here are used to watchin Telugu movies and according to them this film of Mahesh Babu is not upto the expectation... and according to them Okkadu and Atthadu being better than this one..

Anyways... Fr me itzzz nice watchin a telugu movie n tat too a complete action movie [ there s no much diff bw the movies comin in Tamil n Telugu industries.. ] Those guys who dont even know a bit of Telugu r comin to watch Ilena and the gals for Mahesh babu.. huh...!!!

Okies.. Till my next post



vasanth said...

jingly enjoy pannu :)

thalais(vijay) next flim's name is Pokiri... its a telegu remake... is it going to be remade from the movie which u saw??? any idea????

vigneshkumar said...

Its obvious da dogg...
Its gonna b the remake of this movie only..

Who else other than ur thalai, wll do all such stupid remake... :D

But am damn sure, this wont be a hit for him like Gilli.. ;-)

vasanth said...

Who else other than ur thalai, wll do all such stupid remake... :D

But am damn sure, this wont be a hit for him like Gilli.. ;-)

u will regret for writing the above statements....

thala valga.... thala valga :)

Prathiba said...

aio aio. seri nee edukkage padam parka pone ? Ileana ?
seri seri free aa vidu.
pray that the tamil remake must be a huuuuge flop..

vigneshkumar said...

Sureeeeeee... athellam obvious, athukku namma onnum pray pannanumnu avasiyamae kedaiyathu.. :D

Anonymous said...

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vasanth said...

@ prathi

ur prayers wont come true...


dai thalai will prove himself da

Srini said...

Was the telugu one also directed by Prabhu Deva? I doubt how cool his directorials skills are !!

vigneshkumar said...

No da, Pokiri s not directed by Prabu Deva...

Is the Tamil version of tat being taken by him.. I hv got no idea abt tat..

Here, every Tamil film simply dubbed will surely hit the theatres, ppl here welcome Tamil movies much and also there is no recreation other than watching movies for these ppl and their count is also higher rite, compared to TN..

Here even Sanda Kozhi, Devadhaiyai Kandaen are big hits here in Telugu Dubbed versions.. Huh !! Huh !! cant estimate the taste of the ppl over here.. As Autograph dubbed here was a big flop..

Even, the mega-blockbusters of last year Telugu movies include Anniyan, Chandhramukhi in simple dubbing from their Tamil-Counter parts.. :)

My entertainment now-a-days s watching Telugu movies now and then and improving my Telugu Knowledge.. He he he..