Thursday, July 13, 2006

My First Company Party !!!

Hi all..

Yesterday [ 12th Aug '06 ], We had a company party as the directors hav come from US for a week.. And its the first time for me to attend such parties in a pub !!

It happend in Bottles n Chimney here in Hyd.. and we went ther around 8 30 at night.. For ppl who dont drink/smoke, am damn sure its not the right place to enjoy.. But still we managed to have Fruit juices and dance amidst the crowds.. !!

The theme is Arabian Nights, and they wer givin away those parthas [or watever its called] which some guys wer wearing.. I too borrowed and weared for a few mins n got a Snap.. [But wont put tat snap here.. ;) ]

I dint join the dancin crowd, at the starting.. and I was standing in a corner watchin the movements of the ppl dancin ther.. and enjoyed watchin some big thalais dancin in full enthu.. ;)

So, finally after food we returned around 12.. Not a gr8 enjoyment, but still a new environment and an occasion to be with...

Till next post


Anonymous said...

Is this your first company ???

vigneshkumar said...

Read it together "First Company Party".. anything tat comes inside ".." should be replaced with AND.. meanin First AND Company Party.. Huh!!

Prathiba said...

@ Vignesh,

Ennum konja nalla when u become periya thalai.. don't know what'll happen. keeping my fingers crossed for you [:)] ippo polave eppodum chamathu paiyana iru.. okie ?

vigneshkumar said...


Hmmmmm... Thnx for ur wishes.. :) And i wll remain as the same chamathu payyan as i am now.. pothuma.. :)

vasanth said...

jingly i must see u dancing da :)... but i know that u will start dancing after drinking grape juice man :)

vigneshkumar said...

U got it wrong.. after drinking mango juice.. He he he :D

Seshu said...

hey vicky..

Neraya poi sollarada.. Nee anga oru orama irundhiyakkum.. poi thaane..

enjoy man :) jus kiddin..

It shud have been nice fun illa :)

vigneshkumar said...

Yeah da, it was nice and a different experience.. :)

Thanks for dropping by.. :)