Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My Site !!!

Hi all...

It was last friday, wen i got a mail from geocities.com/ stating some blah blah abt my site, which i hv tried creating some long years back wen i was in college, has not been activated and in 3 days if u dint activate, then we wll close the a/c.. and it went somethin like tat..

So, i juz logged in and saw watz in there and the stuffs/tools tat yahoo s providing for building pages on the fly and stuffs.. Hmmm.. but i wasnt very much pleased abt the templates available and stuffs...

So, on saturday on being (not)vetti but still ther was no-one sitting around my cabin, i thought of creating some kutti-kutti useful html pages...and did so, which i was thinkin abt the prev night wen i wasnt gettin sleep, huh!!! and then i uploaded those things.. juz started these things of no interest, but later got some interest into the stuffs.. and hmmmm... continuin my vetti velai of analyzing the site-statistics, visitors-profile and stuffs... Though i wll lose interests in course of time, am thinkin of some useful kutti-kutti things which can be done using HTML n JavaScript.. Huh...!!!

Ok makkalae.. i hv written so much for advertising my site, but havnt yet given the link.. Okayyyy here it is.. Vichi's Space !!!



vasanth said...

Your organization's Internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time...

This is what i see in citrix ;) ... will check it out this week end.... expecting lots of jingly works... :)

vigneshkumar said...

Hmmmm... http://geocities.com has been blocked in many firms..

If u r able to get thru this link, then try thru Citrix.. its a replice of same things of my site in geocities..