Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ISPs blocking blogs !!

Hi all..

Oohh.. this s really a very bad thing..
This happend to me only today, till yesterday i was able to access all the * sites..
and also read the post of Vadivel regarding the same issue of Indian ISPs started blocking the blogs.. Thank god tat i somehow got his URL yesterday..

And also thanks for his work-around.. :) and thanks to too
So.. my URL wll be this
And also i hvnt blog rolled other fellow bloggers, as i hv juz edited my template regd tat.. Nw too i juz edited the urls of them..

But still, this is not at all goin to be fine, the back links and stuffs in the comments page and all cant b corrected.. :( :(

And wat happend to Images in the Posts.. why some of them are coming while some others r not.. But anyways the URL they r pointing are still worser, resulting in some http://localhost..blah blah.. Wat to do with these... :( :(

Something has to be done..

PS: In VZ, even Citrix wont block blogspot, and tats the only thing which was entertaining us from our Desktops at tat time.. :)



Vadivel said...

For me images are getting displayed .. if at all it isn't displaying for you .. try out

Heard that ISP's would remove this block soon. Check out this

vigneshkumar said...

Hmmm... waiting to see the things in their original url.. ;)

Prathiba said...

The block's removed :)