Thursday, July 06, 2006

Farewell to Sriram !!!

Hi all..

This post gonna hv some info abt my College makkal and some happenings around this week.. :)
Sriram is one among the 3 guys from our Batch who joined DeShaw last year along with Thyagu and Venkat..

[Nice Roommates ;)]

We belong to CD Batch, and only guys/gals from AB Batch of our set have gone to US to do their post-grad degree.. And nobody from my class [which s really pathetic] has gone for US to do MS.. huh...

And, Sriram has broken tat statement atlast... And he s gonna do Masters degree in CS at Univ of Virginia.. :) He left DeShaw this week..

[Sunday Treat :)]

Hmmm.. last Sunday he gave us all a treat as his close friend Swetha [;)] was also in town.. And we had a nice time chattin for long hours even after they literally kicked us out of the restaurant.. We wer standing in the roads and talkin abt things which we wudnt even thought during our College days.. I hav heard tat gals used to Gossip.. But was seein for the first time in front of me.. Uma and Swetha started listing gals one by one, they dint stop with CS dept alone, they went beyond dept boundaries.. and wer checklisting the current status of the pairs, hw many pairs broke and hw many new pairs cam up.. and it goes onnnn.. And they wer even plannin to create a Gossip community for our College/Set makkal in Orkut huh......... All these discussions goin at around 11 pm in the night.. Ha ha ha.. :D Seriously we hvnt even spoken this much during our College days abt others... :) It was really a nice time to be with them all.. Talkin all those things.. ;)

And finally, we had a small meetin before Sriram left for Chennai..

[Farewell to him.. :)]

Till next post :)


Srini said...

Good da :) Seems u r having a blast. Enjoy life da :)

vigneshkumar said...

Blast-laam onnum kedaiyadhu.. Its goin.. avlodhaan.. :)

Prathiba said...

Hi Vignesh,


vigneshkumar said...

Enna hmmmmmmmmm..... Wat does tat mean ??