Friday, October 20, 2006

The Unforgettable Boarding !!!

I was on the way to the Begumpet airport, Hyd in an auto feeling tensed.. I just got down from the auto for no reason, and started running.. But surprisingly my legs weren't moving.. I was trying a lot.. But, i was not moving from the place i was standing.. And the flight which i have to catch took off..

Suddenly, i woke up from my bed on that fine Thursday morning [19th Oct 2006].. I started freshly and happily towards office, with all the luggages in my hand.. That disturbed dream didn't make me feel anything, as i was in a very happy mood.. Yeah, i am leaving for my Native on that day for the Diwali vacation..

It wasn't a normal day in our office, they had the Diwali Celebrations going on the way.. Ethnic wear going on one side, with the creativity of each team in their dresses unimaginable.. On the other side, a Treasure Hunt being run.. The entire Office was in an enjoyable mood..

I didn't do any work on that day, except checking mails and browsing vetti-ly.. ;) I cross-checked my schedule for that day's travel.. I need to board SpiceJet by 6:40pm and its supposed to reach Chennai by 7:40, And then i need to catch my Rockfort Express to Tanjore by 10:30.. Ample time i have got.. Isn't it ?? :D

But, the day's happenings weren't as i expected.. The first news that awaited for me in the Airport, is that the Flight is delayed by 50 minutes, because of the delay in the incoming Flight from Delhi.. And its supposed to depart by 7:30.. But the flight from Delhi itself arrived by 7:30 only.. :( Then atlast the Flight took-off by 8:00 and landed Chennai by 9:00, It was a very beautiful ariel view of the Night-Chennai with Crackers firing here and there..

I was outside Chennai Airport at 9:30, I wasn't feeling much tensed or something, as i replied my Dad in the phone saying that, i will have dinner and catch the train by 10:30, as i have helluva time.. But my time started, the auto wasn't moving near the Guindy Junction for more than 15 minutes.. I don't know myself, what i did.. But i got down from the Auto, and started running towards Guindy Station.. Got the ticket and was waiting in the platform for the Electric Train.. It was sharp 10:00

I was praying like anything for a Train to come, but it didn't.. It was sharp 10:20 pm.. Atlast a Train came, and i hoped that i will be in Egmore by 10:30.. But i didnt, it was sharp 10:30, when i was in Nungambakkam.. I lost all my hope.. Near the Chetpet station [the prev station to Egmore], i saw an Express Train starting to pick-up its pace.. I wasn't able to read anything at that distance.. But, i started realizing that i missed the Train.. I was feeling numb.. Fear arose from my inside.. It was a 2nd AC Ticket costing 700 Bugs.. But i don't know what to do ?? What to tell in Home ?? How will i reach Tanjore ?? Many such questions..

Atlast i was in Egmore.. It was 10:35, the Platform 4 [Usually Rockfort starts from there] was vacant.. But, there was a Train still stationed there in Platform 3.. As i just wanted to confirm, i asked a guy standing there.. "Rockfort poiducha..??".. The words from that Guy.. "Anga nikradhudhaan sir, rockfort..", made me feel like something.. i don't have words to explain that.. I started running.. running.. Atlast i got my Coach A3.. A guy standing at its entrance, asked.. "Neenga dhaan seat no 24 ah ??", with a small smile, i replied Yes... and reached my birth.. After having a short conversation with the TTR, That Guy, came near me.. And asked, "Unga appa Railways-la vela paakraangala ??", I replied NO.. :D

Though, the coincidence between the Delay in the Train Starting and me boarding after 10 minutes of the scheduled time, has made that Guy to ask such a question.. I felt from inside like.. "Namakaaga dhaan Train wait pannucho??" :D :D

I laid down on my Birth, thinking about that day's morning dream..
  • It wasn't Flight, It was Train...!!
  • I wasn't struggling to run, I was running all the times...!!
  • I didn't miss it, I boarded...!!
Whatever it may be, I can't forget this Train Boarding at all.. :)
Happy Diwali to all.. :D

Till next post,


Vadivel said...

Nice write up :)
Have a fun filled diwali and more importantly enjoy ur holidays :)

Vignesh Kumar said...

Thanks.. And Yeah, I had a nice time in my Home.. :)

Thyagarajan Delli said...

Dude, you should have taken the train from guidy to tambaram, instead on egmore. that would have been easy.

Vignesh Kumar said...

Yeah, I got the same advice from my Home too.. So that this is not repeated again.. :(

Venkat said...

seriously idhu oru professional write-up. it gave the feel of reading an interesting short story!

Vignesh Kumar said...

Thanks a lot for ur comment da.. :)
Short Story ah.. Hmmmm.. ??!! :)
Chumma, thought of writing the stuff that shaked me on that day.. Adhaan, even i wrote it wen i was in Tanjore itself.. :)

Vigneshwar said...

Dei viki i too had the same experience when i boarded the train for hyd during dasera hols..
its almost 4:50 when i boarded...
but the train started only at 5 pm...

Vignesh Kumar said...

Does that mean most of the Indian Trains won't leave in time ?? :0

Vigneshwar said...

vigies are very lucky guys!!!!

Vignesh Kumar said...

Apdeenum oru Thread aarambichudalaama andha, 'vignesh is my name' Orkut Community-la...

He he he :D

Santhosh K.R. said...

de, nee kodutha anju roobaikku unna flight la yethinadhey periya vishayam..idhula flight late nu vera polambariya?? idhukku dhaan thambi indha maadhiri flight la 5 rooba koduthu poga koodadhungaradhu...

Vignesh Kumar said...

Dei naayae.. :(

Idhu onnum andha Rs.3 Ticket offer kedayaathu, Thats AirDeccan's And I booked that for Pongal only, Appa enna koothu nadakka poguthunnu theriyala.. :(

Btw, SpiceJet low cost airways dhaan.. Aaana, Still why the entire Microsoft gang comprising most of our Seniors and Juniors [But none from our Set 8)] came in that Flight both To and Fro ????? Hmmmmmm !!!!

Huh !! One more thing is, To Flight ticket was 2000 but delayed.. Return Ticket was the offer one [99+tax], but that came in Time and I reached Office in Time.. He he he :D

Srini said...

Nicely written Vicky :)

Hope you had a nice time at home during Diwali !!

One thing I always see happening is, 'we try a lot but cant move our legs on our dreams.. always' !! I have been run over by cars, missed buses and trains by inches, stood like a stone while being chased by dogs :)), and everytime can't move my legs. I thot it was happening only for me... but nice.. many people on the same league now :)

Also for the next season if Deccan dumps you similarly, board the local train direct from Thirusulam to Egmore if you have more than 45 odd mins, or better walk your way to Tambaram :)

Vignesh Kumar said...

Yeah da, I have to go to Tirusulam Station only.. Actually while coming back itself, i got to know abt its location and stuffs.. My god, its so near to the Airport.. And i did a blunder the other day.. Its okay, we learn from our mistakes.. :)

And regarding the dreams, am also surprised that other ppl also dream something like this... Wow coool.. :0

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

It happens. When the Lord is with us, a few delays are compromised by a few other delays in other quarters and things become balanced.