Thursday, November 02, 2006

Being normal !!!

Have we ever felt extremely happy
  • for able to walk in a normal way !!!
  • for able to speak/listen/see/interact in a normal way !!!
  • for able to eat/sleep in a normal way !!!
Have we ever thanked God so much for being Normal ??

No.. never.. not all, we have got a lot of worries for ourselves, Isn't it.. If we aren't handsome.. Aren't fair.. Aren't gud in studies.. Aren't rich.. Dont have girl friends.. Dont have a great job.. Dont have a good/caring wife.. Dont have good children.. etc etc till the end of our lives ?? Don't we..

Shall we forget all our little little worries.. And thank God, for making us a normal person in this world.. And have made us to do things in a nomal way.. And see happiness in anything/everything thats around us.. Shall we ?? :)

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Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...


But are you getting too very philosphical or what?

Vignesh Kumar said...

Does it seem so..? I don't accept that this one is too very philosophical.. I got to see some info abt a physically handicapped person strugglin for his studies in NDTV.. and certain other reasons.. which made me to just give a thought for this one..

And, also Thanks deepak for ur patience to go thru some of my older posts and commenting.. Thanks :)

sanjana said...

nice thoughts

Vignesh Kumar said...

Thanks for ur comment.
Btw, Are u Prathiba's friend ??

sanjana said... to see your comment jus now.

Vignesh Kumar said...

Okaysss... :)
Thanks for visiting my BlogSpace..
And Keep visiting..