Tuesday, October 03, 2006

DumbC with the (J)DumbO !!!

Hi all..
Its always tough to come back to work, after enjoying a lot in a looong weekend.. I have felt this right from my school days, so do all.. And these 3 days, went so fast and also we had lots of fun, as its the Gundan who came to Hyd, to enjoy the Holis with us all.. We used to always have loads of fun, when this guy is nearby, right from our precious College Days.. Such a childish, cute character.. And in this post, am gonna write about one of his most childish thing that he did during this Trip of him.. :) [ Gunda enna mannichidu.. :D ]

We five [ me, my roommates (D and Venkat), M and Gundan ] roamed to Birla Mandir, Planetorium, Museum, Oceans Park.. on Saturday and Sunday.. And it was Sunday nite, when we missed our plan to go to Bommarillu 2nd show, And so we all planned to play something in the night.. The head count reduced to 4 at that time, as M was suffering from some side-effects after all our Koothu in Oceans Park, and he wasnt able to give company to our night-out..

It all started around 11 30 in the night.. We planned to play DumbC.. And [Me, D] were in one team and [Venkat, Gundan] is the opponent team.. We took, *Tamil Songs* as our choice.. We were laughing like anything, when i mimed on some typical words and songs.. Our team was finding out the songs fastly, both in my turn of mimic and D's turn; Even Venkat was shocked as i did things very badly during our last train journey.. They even gave us songs which are infamous, which i havent even heard, which sounds funny.. [eg. jinjinaakadi.. jinaakunaakadi.. :D ], But Me an D still managed to find them..

With the opponent team, atleast when Gundan was miming, Venkat used to find the songs fastly, as he knows a helluva Tamil Songs, rite from the aadhi kaalathu songs.. But it was Gundan, who wasnt able to even find out simple, famous new songs.. Ha ha ha :D

It was around 1 O Clock, that was when we thought why cant we make this somewhat interesting with Time Limits and stuffs.. So we decided this, Each team has to be given 5 songs by the opponent team and how much time the team takes to find out all of them.. So both of the teams prepared their list.. And myself and D, also planned something like starting with wat sort of songs, which period.. blah blah [though nothing was used at last..] And Venkat, Gundan closed the doors of their rooms and discussed abt their plans...

Finally, we were about to start, so which Team is gonna do first, We had a Toss... [Venkat, Gundan] Team won, but still Venkat asked us to do first.. I was miming, and D was finding out the Songs, as he knows a helluva songs.. :) As the Stop Clock of Venkat's Cell reached 7 minutes 38 seconds.. We found out all of the 5 songs successfully.. Heyyyy... :D

Now starts the actual Drama.. :) In their team Gundan decided to mime.. And I started the Stop Clock.. Gundan started miming.. Venkat tried with hell lot of suggestions, but still he dint get it.. it was around 2 minutes in the Stop Clock.. into which i was keenly looking into.. Suddenly Gundan throwed the Paper he was having in his hands, face reddish and about to cry.. started shouting.. "Po naanga thothu poitooomm.. Nee kashtamaana paataa kuduthutta.." and started hitting D, with drops started to flow from his eyes.. We three were unable to laugh, unable to do anything.. And he lied down in the Bed like a small child.. Crying.. !!!! Ha ha ha.. Gunda.. Gunda.. :D D, started to kindle him.. And the usual fight/blah blah between both of them continued.. [Gundan, Venkat] started shouting *We only won* !!

Ha ha ha.. Its the Typical character of Gundan, and we always used to enjoy a lot at him.. The next day, Monday, the last day of his Trip... We somehow managed to go to *Snow world* amidst several oscillations and confusions.. [Venkat was having peak cold, i was having head ache.. ] But M, escaped and didnt give company to us.. Huh !!

In front of SnowWorld !!

So.. to finish off, it was a great weekend with the (J)Dumbo.. ;) And also, we finished the weekend with a 2nd show to Bommarillu, for the 2nd time; after packing Gundan for Chennai, as we already tortured him a lot by making him to watch Telugu Channels, movies etc etc.. Also discussing a lot abt Telugu.. Surprisingly D, also joined us this time, usually it will be only Me and Venkat, both of us will be discussing and i will be learing something new in Telugu from him.. ;)

Till next post,


Anonymous said...

gunden galli naliku...

Thyagarajan Delli said...

gundan maanam kathula parandhachu :)

vigneshkumar said...

Adhu dhaanae nammaloda main aim-ae.. :D

If (this s Baasha doggg..)
Dei vetti naayae, avanoda leelaigal ellathayum VZ layum parappi vidu.. ;)

Uma said...

Hey...nalla ezhutheerukkey ..aanaa inimel avan hyd vandhu unga kooda DumbC kandipa vilaiyaada maattaan-nnu ninaikiren...ippadi avan maanathai vaangitiye!! ;-)
but, a Good job!! :-)

vigneshkumar said...

Avan maanatha romba ellam naan onnum vaangala, Avanae onnum feel pannala apram enna.. ;)

Thnx for ur comment.. :D