Friday, October 06, 2006

Tambola !!!

So... I am making yet another post about a Game.. Hmmm !! Does that mean, i am enjoying a lot playing games these days ?? I myself donno.. Anyways, am writing this post as am feeling sooo bored, and its Friday evening that i dont feel like working too, though i have a loads of them.. :D

It was in Verizon, when we rush in to occupy the Break-Out area, or Cafteria.. atleast thrice a day.. [For Tea Time, Snacks Time, Vetti arattai time.. ] But here in DEShaw, thats not the case for me, even when i feel bored and have no work, I cant go and chat in the Cafeteria drinking a coffee as there is no, the so called *Gang* for me here... :(

But still, they have this *Happy Hour*, once in two weeks, when *all of us* used to go to the Cafetria, play some games, munch some snacks and the new joinees will introduce themselves to the crowd.. Today is yet another day for that *Happy Hour* !!!

I usually dont go to the Cafteria immediatly after the alert comes in my Outlook.. I will go upstairs some half-an-hour later, exactly when they start giving away the snacks.. :P But today, i somehow started immediately, accompanied by D.. :) And there awaited this game of *Tambola*.. We all were given a piece of paper, having some 3 rows with 5 numbers in each of the row.. We were thinking, that this is like puzzle and we need to get the sum of the each row to some number.. blah blah.. :(

But, the game isnt that.. They will be reading the numbers, and we need to strike it off.. [So simple na.. ] And they announced prizes too for..
  • First 5 strikes
  • Complete strikes in 1st row
  • Complete strikes in 2nd row
  • Complete strikes in 3rd row
  • Full house [meaning the whole]
Unfortunately, none of us sitting in our table got !! And the worst thing is that, the same girl got three prizes for completing 2 rows and the Full house.. Huh... :x :x.. We all started shouting too.. :D They also announced prize for the lowest strikes, none of us got that even.. 6 was the lowest number of strikes a guy has got.. Mine is 10.. [Adhuvum kedayaadhu, idhuvum kedayaathu.. Huhhhh !! ]

Okayss.. Thats it.. Enjoy the weekend guyssss !!
[ Gonna watch, *Woh Lamhe*, 2nd show in PVR tonight... He he he :D]



Anonymous said...

nice u loved playing thambola...

Vignesh Kumar said...

Yeah da Chetta..
So, Wat u doing sooo late in Office, Huh !! Working on improving the Performance eh ?? ;)
Baasha, told me everything.. Ha ha ha :D

Prathiba Venkatesan said...

Hi da...

Playing games ? hmmmm enjopannu ... romba nnal aachu since i posted... losing interest


Vignesh Kumar said...

Losing interest eh ?? Paathalae theriyudhu.. Ur BlogSpace is in zombie state for a looong time.. Chat Box la naan ping pannunadhukku kooda reply pannala.. Huh.. [:x]

Btw, Arent u able to comment using ur Blogger Login ?? I have migrated my A/C to Beta.. So i think there are some probs with Blogger Profile makkal to Login & Comment..

Adhaan, unnoda *Beta Blogger* A/C use panni irukkiya.. ?? [;)]

Anonymous said...


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Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know about the Thambola in your blog i was searching for...:P

Best regards,