Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Is it O.T. or O.B. ??

Hi all..

This post is related to the day-to-day routine life of Software Engineers.. :)
Normally O.T. stands for Over Time.. But is there any terminology of that sort in Software Jobs, apart from shift works [Even that will be for 8 hours a day].. Actually there isnt anything like that, There is no *need* for a Software Engineer to bug and sit infront of the computer for hours and hours [meaning, may be >8 hrs appr] per day, apart from exceptional cases like Deadlines, Prod Issue etc.. As long as you do your work *smartly*..

But, that isnt the case with most of us, we see lots of people staying late hours [apart from exceptional cases], Are they doing O.T... Nope they are doing O.B.. ;) May be from a married person's perspective, who comes and leaves office in time [lets say], as there are even exceptions in those cases, because of the problems in their home [thats diff.. {Note:1}]; he/she gets irritated a lot to see these young guys sitting late hours.. and putting lots of scene infront of their managers.. ;)

Okayss.. Lets see what are all *may* be the reasons, for these young bloods to stay late and trying to put scene.. Here you go:
  • They dont have any entertainment in their houses [no TV, gud company..etc] , so anyway they need to kill time
  • They can use the company's cab when they stay late [happens in VZ, even i have did that]
  • They can order for dinner, and eat in company itself and claim the same bill.. :D
  • Some extra-ordinary cases, have this feeling in their *blood* itself, like not to move from their seat, even when not doing any productive work.. ;)
  • Above all, they can show their managers that they are working soooo hard staying very late [that means, he/she is also there at that time.. !! what about him/her ?? think recursively, even {Note:1} applies here ]

So.. the reasons may go on increasing.. But will stop with that..
One more thing is that coming to office during weekends..Though i hate this, i am failing.. This is because, i get bored by sitting vetti in house, and so coming to office and watching movies, chatting, orkutting.. have become a routine.. I will try to avoid the same.. ;)

Okayss...Lets all.. *Try* to Come in Time, Do our work Smartly, And Leave in time.. ;)
Happy Working !!!


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Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

The bottomline is that stretching should be used only when there is a dire necessity.

Life should be a mixture of work cum pleasure. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy