Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Widely spoken Languages in the World !!!

Hi all..

I recently came across this site [KryssTal]. And i just wanted to share certain information given in that site. This site has got many information related the researches made in the Evolution of Languages, their Scripts, their Families and things..

So, just browse through those pages, you will find them interesting. The 30 most widely spoken languages in the world is given in this page [Widely Spoken Languages]

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డాక్టర్ వైదేహి said...

The figure are practically wrong, to say the least. The number of speakers was grossly confused with the populations of respective States. For insatnce, the number of the Telugu-speakers was shown as 74 million, which is nothing but a faithful reproduction of the 2001 census readings for Andhra Pradesh. It did not take into account the 20 million Telugu-speakers of Tamilnadu who declared the it as their mother tongue in the same census. Nor did it take into account the whole Telugu speaking districts of Dharmapuri (Tamilnadu), Ballery (Karnataka), Dantewada (Chattisgarh), Ganjam and Berhampur (Orissa)just because they lie outside Andhra pradesh. So, these fugures are not authentic.

Anonymous said...

do u know 'anaconda' is dervied from tamil.

vigneshkumar said...

@vetti dog,
I too noted the same from tat Site da dog.. :)