Saturday, September 02, 2006

బొమ్మరిల్లు !!! [Bommarillu]


Bommarillu.. We were trying to get tickets for this movie for the last two weeks, we failed, atlast we got to get up so early on saturday and watch a morning show around 10 am to watch this movie.. So wats that gr8 in this movie, which s makin it run house-full even after 4 weeks of time... hmm.. Even i heard tat some of my Colleagues, went for the movie thrice... :0

So, wat s that is different in this movie ?? I cant say it tat plainly.. But still i enjoyed to the maximum [even sittin n watchin in the 2nd row from the front.. :( ].. And also later realized tat the movie is a bit lengthy [3 hrs], but dint even feel a bit tat its lengthy !!! :)

Siddharth the son of Prakash Raj & Jeyasudha, was born with a silver spoon.. He has got an elder sister, elder bro n his wife n their children, younger sis.. and the family is big !!! But there is no much FUN in the family, they are even scared to speak loud in front of Prakash Raj [ THE naanagaaru {father}]

Prakash Raj, a typical father [high class and also a manchivaadu{a good person}], who cares for his children and their life.. So he impart each n every desire of his on his children in particular our HERO, Sidhaarth [Siddhu].. He made him as an MD n his company, but Siddhu has got no job except signin papers, while all the other jobs are done by his naanagaaru.. And Prakash Raj also fixes engagement for his son..

On the other side, Siddharth, a typical youth of the time, does feel a lot for losing his INDEPENDENCY.. And his aim in life being Career and Love Marriage.. And both of it were destroyed at a point, when he sees Jenelia [Haasini].. A typical character.. may be i felt tat "s she half-minded..??" [in some initial intro scenes] But a nice character.. {somewat like gajini asin} She s succcch an outspoken character and a naughty gal.. And this s the main thing, the movie s goin like anything..

She comes to his life, falls in love.. and Prakash Raj gets to know all abt this, After discussions.. He asks Siddhu to make Jenelia to stay in their house for 7 days, and after tat if they all feel OK, then "Success to their Love.." And the not-so-spoken, so much crowded house, starts to see all fun.. in tat 7 days 'coz of Jenelia...!!!
After tat, how the father-son cold-war things went on.. Tats the end of the movie !!!

Full of youth, fun, family senti and stuffs.. Nice movie to watch.. :)
I hvnt tried b4 to write a review abt a movie, this s the first one.. :( So ppl hav to adjuzz wid this.. :) :)
Bommarillu literally meaning Toy House, has been chosen as the title to describe Haasini i believe.. :)

[One rumour around here s tat : Vijay got rights for dubbin this one in Tamil.. ;-) ]

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vigneshkumar said...

So, the rumour s not correct, though Vijay showed interest in getting the movie remake rights.. It went out of his hands it seems..

Prathiba said...



Adapavi.. Adapavi... Unmaya unmaya sollu..
In every post of urs you seem to be giving some hint..
First the leaf, tree wind story.. later some senti posts and now this..

Hmmm edho nalla irunda seri..
P.S. Unakku edavadhu problem vettulana don't worry we'll all help you :)

Seri seri total damage agita..
By the way the story is similar to
"Ahaa" in Tamil. and another story starring Revathi, Shivaji,Nizhalgal Ravi.

vigneshkumar said...


Oy !!!!!!
This s toooo much..
tat, "LOVE MAKES LIFE BEAUTIFUL!!!" - phrase is the movie's Tagline
And also there s a song, which starts like this too in tat movie..!!!

Huh !! Huh !! Thappa paakravunga kannukku ellamae thapaadhaan theriyum.. He he he.. Idhu eppidi.. :)

Uma said...

Ennathu !! Love makes life beautiful-a???
yaar solra ithai...namma viki kumar-a?? ennala nambave mudiyalaiye!!!
slam book-la definition of love is
void nothing(void){
returns null;

appadinnu sonnavana!!! appadinaa etho nadakkuthu!!! ;-) something fishy going on...and finally u falled in love .....!! :-))

vigneshkumar said...

Oy !! Ethana pethuku solradhu.. That phrase is the movie's Caption; and not mine apdeeeenu... Huhhhhh [:x]

But still, I feel for givin a definition like that in the Slam Book.. Ok then I will redefine it :


pothumaaaa.. :)

Uma said...

ada paavi...eppadi irundha viki ippadi aayitta??
ippadi yaaroda kadhal valaiyiley sikkittae??