Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Life beyond Earth ??!!

Hi all...

For a few minutes lets get out of our hectic work pressure, polluted environment, corrupted minds and everything... and travel farrrr... farrr in the sense far beyond the Earth, Solar System, the Milky way Galaxy !!!! And make our imagination/thinking a bit wide..

I dont even remember about this so called Big-bang theory and stuffs that we learned during our school days.. Except some small stuffs... We all know the Solar System and at a higher level say Milky Way Galaxy... is a very very very small portion of our entire Universe !!! Tats accepted by all, i hope so..

If thats the case, then according to me.. I feel like the "Life Beyond Earth" has got more than 100% probabilty, apart from that it may not be a 1 place, it can even be millions and millions of places where in Human Life/Or n watever Life "will" be existing.. They can be in the Starting State/Evolution State/Ending State.. or watever it may ( as in 5 billion years, the Sun's energy will be vanishing, and all the planets in orbiting around it will get into the mass black hole which the sun will be turning into !!! )

But, the astronomers, however they have developed so much in technology and other stuffs, cant still find out even a 'single' proof for Life Beyond Earth.. as they are unable to GO much beyond the solar system or watever it may be.. as far as they can reach searching is the outermost planet of the solar system [ watever it may be uranus, or the new set of planets being opted after the demolition of pluto ] Huh !! Huh !! ;)

So, according to me, Life zzz there.. and Lets turn to something that we know now... Abt our Earth... so it will be gone out of the solar system in not more than 5 billion years { not more than - states the relativity in feeling that time period.. By sayin that wat i mean is, the relativity theory } So... Wat happens next, there might have been several such situations happend in the entire Universe, may be several times, that we might not even able to cout !!! Hmmm... I can give some anology to this...

The 2 things [may be the 2 numbers] that make up anything in the entire Universe...
  • 2 [ start-end, yes-no, on-off, +ve--ve.. male-female.. may be anything in the Universe.. and tats the binary system is ruling the world ]
  • Infinity [ by infinite i mean, cycle or repetition ]

So wat s this 2 & infinity..
  • Each day starts, and ends.. But it continues
  • We feel happy.. later sad.. But it continues
  • We have high times in Life.. Bad times in Life.. But it continues
  • Each human come to this earch, and goes away.. But it continues [ Does tat mean, Another Life after Death.. We wont go deep here.. Lets stop ]
  • Its all tat Sine curve and stuffs..

And the same anology.. Holds here.. So, the Life [I mean something like the formation of Earth and its beings] STARTS and ENDS.. But the CYCLE continues !!!!

So, wat have i finally come to conclude... DONNO.. a bit confused rite.. its not a bit more than tat.. Hmmm.. So even the Earth goes out in 5 billion years.. There may be some other similar conditions makin the formation of Earth, and may be ther will b a time, for us to reborn in such a world and keeeeepp enjoyin !!!! :( :) :0

Dont wanna write more blunders.. except that this is my 25th post of my BlogSpace..
I cant believe myself hw i hv written so many..

Until next post
CIAO !!!!


Santhosh K.R. said...
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Santhosh K.R. said...
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Santhosh K.R. said...

start-end--> there is something called middle... yes-no-->there is something called "may be"... on-off-->if u can recollect ur electronics chapter 9 in twelfth physics,there is a third state called "sleep" state,
+ve--ve-->there is a 0..
male-female-->there is "u know what:-9" ... so dont chumma olarify tellin these stuffs...ippa enna dhaan nee solla vara??? Dont try to over burden urself by thinking toooo much of the universe...
அக்கம் பக்கம் பாரடா சின்ன ராசா!ஆகாச பார்வை என்ன சொல்லு ராசா???

vigneshkumar said...

Haloooo Santa...
I made the post in a kinda of mabbu state..
I dont say watever u hv written s wrong, But i do say watever i hv written r to some extent rite..
Huh.. Huh..
Adhukkedhuthu indha orae comment-a moonu vaati ezhudhi delete pannanum.. Huh !!

Santhosh K.R. said...

He he... I deleted them to make the format clear and visible... You dont even need to tell that u wrote in a mabbu state.. That was quite obvious from what u wrote... chill... :-)))