Friday, October 17, 2008

Movies Store

In continuation to my previous post on Google App Engine: Thanks a ton for those 2 other users who've recorded their idea in the so-called Idea Store application! I thought I would give a try in creating another app using GAE, and then came this idea of another store, and that's been named - Movie Store! :P

Most of the people I know are movie-freaks and they do end up watching atleast a single movie during their weekends. So, you could just spend few minutes in this application, providing your thoughts & rating about the movie you've just watched, there by making it available for your friends. You could also enter movies & reviews of some old-do-not-miss-movies here.

I decided that I've to market this application better than the previous one, and so tried typing some stuff in the start-up page of the application. :) Click here to check out the app & don't miss to record your favourite movies & their reviews!


Vigneshwar said...

None other than kumar can write such a big application in so short time. Cheers mate. btw i found a bug :-).
Though the rating by a person is 10% the overall rating shows 5%.

Vigneshwar said...

Another bug.
Am able to add the same movie twice.

Vigneshwar said...

And finally when i add a movie and submit it redirects to the main page without the showing the movie. I need to do a manual refresh :(

Vignesh Kumar said...

Thanks for the extensive testing.. :)

I fixed that rating bug, and released a patch :P

And regarding duplicate check, I didn't consider that.. And, I manually deleted your duplicate entry from the datastore..

That 3rd issue might be due to getting the page from the cache I suppose..

Chandru said...

pattaya kalapunga vignesh. I second vigneshwar, none other than u can do such things. Enakum kathuthaanga. Keep rocking..

Vigneshwar Oracle la testing la irukaaru nu sollavae illa neenga ;-) I think D. E. Shaw should hire him. He only can replace our entire QA team ;-) Chumma sara maariya defects log panraaru. Let your next application be something to do with logging defects, tracking and fixing them. Vigneshwar would find it very useful ;-)

Thyagu said...

indha vetti projectukku time spend panradha vittuttu, naan sonna project pannalaamla!

Vignesh Kumar said...

Thanks for the comment :)
And yeah sure, solli tharaen :)

Endha project ?
Matter site project ah ? :P