Thursday, October 02, 2008


Wake up by 10 am.
Have breakfast.
Check e-mail.
Chat in GTalk.
Read HP7.
Check reddit.
Think of a status message for Facebook/Orkut/GTalk.
Have bath.
Have lunch.
Read HP7.
Have a nap.
Check e-mail.
Check reddit.
Get back to continue reading HP7.

This has been my day so far. And, Life seems to be more emptier than ever. Going to office and doing these routine stuffs would have atleast given an impression that I'm not idle and that I'm doing something useful. Curse me and my Life!


D said...

You missed Youtube and also Contemplating about our "Contest"!

Vigneshwar said...

Curse me and my Life! Why ?

smart said...

Are you cursing you....
for reading Harry Potter 7?
is it really boring?

Anonymous said...

Enna koduma vignesh Ithu?