Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Google App Engine

Since the release of Google App Engine, I wished to try out something with it. But it was a long time pending work, as I didn't want to try out things in my office PC :P So, the first thing that I did after getting my laptop net connection (which was active only for 2 days as mentioned in my previous post, and its still down!), I downloaded the SDK for the App Engine.

But then, no idea striked me immediately, so I went on creating a sample application which would try to collect ideas from others for developing applications :P Okay, I know that ideas are something great and no-one would just wanna post them in my application! I just wanted to try things out. Period. :)

It was all in python, and I knew nothing about python. I just followed through the getting started link of theirs, and I realised how easy it is to deploy a web application using their SDK. It was so cool and amazing, and you get so many APIs from them for Google users, datastore, image processing, mail etc etc

And today, it took just 2 seconds for me to upload my application!! The Dashboard for managing the application, the usage logs, are all very nice.. Google rocks as always.. :)
Click here to checkout my sample application :)

PS: I might probably try to implement the winning idea, if its easy enough to do :P


Vigneshwar said...

very innovative. good
for success one don't need a curriculum but an idea :)

Vignesh Kumar said...

Danks :-)