Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The IPL experience

I had a wish for a long time, to watch a cricket match sitting amidst the crowd in a stadium. Once, when I was in College there was a plan to go to Chepauk for an ODI, which finally somehow got dropped. But this time it wasn't for an ODI, rather for the short & aggressive form of the game, T20 and that too an IPL match!

We planned to book for a final league match between Chennai and Hyd, and the booking was also done successfully. But, then came an option of 2500 bucks ticket (South pavilion) for the same match as Team outing organized by our AD! and who'd anyway miss this special offer compared to the 250 bucks tickets :P And yeah, our team was all geared up for the day's game, and also for the reason that its the decisive game for the Super Kings to dream about a semi-final match.

The bookings and everything were all done. But there came an oscillation for dropping the whole plan due to a possible security threat in the Uppal stadium. And few people started saying NO for the match. And, I just thought, I even missed the 250 bucks ticket :( Anyways in the end, as there were 150 more people from our company who were also going for the same match including the director, our plan stayed alive!

When we reached the stadium, and when we were given way for showing the VIP car parking slip and everything, we were all started feeling like flying in mid-air. And the moment I entered the gates of that stadium, the floods of lights and the green pitch and the players there gave me such a "Wow!" feeling. I really loved the environment, the place which we got, 2nd row from bottom, next to the Cheer leaders! :P (Chennai's though). Few of the stars who waved back at the our side of the crowd includes; Rameez, Shrikanth, SS music's Leka, and the rocking star of the evening "Drums" Sivamani. His beats for the Chennai's fours and sixes, even made the Hyd supporters cheer up and dance. Though only some 4 of us from our Team, the Chennai supporters, constantly stood and cheered for fours, sixes and even wides! :P And when Dhoni got caught, there were few Hyd people shouting loud, "Ippudu kottara", asking for Sivamani's beats.. :)

After every over, Cheer leaders from both the sides refreshed us (Replacers for the ad time in TV), and we even did the Mexican wave twice. Sitting there in front of that small ground, we could easily guess when there is a big hit, whether its gonna be a six or wicket or safe landing, which we can't do watching the match in TV!

Overall it was an amusing experience, and that too when the team you support wins in the end!

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D said...

:( :( I missed it. I'll have to wait for a year now..